Spotlight: August Pictures Of The Month Mr. Hedge iRacing

Spotlight: Pictures Of The Month August Mr. Hedge iRacing

In recognition of our great partner Mr. Hedge, we will be highlighting the best of his pictures for the month of August in iRacing.

One of the things we love about sim racing is the pictures and artistic side to them, our partner Mr. Hedge highlights some of his pictures for the month of August in iRacing. A name that some will know of, but did you know our partner Mr. Hedge was a nominee for the VCO Simmy Awards? Now that I have your attention, I would like to highlight some of the work Adam has done over the past month of August. Whilst the majority of people who visit our site are racers, the bigger picture goes far beyond that.

We at Simrace247 are a collective that spans across many aspects within sim racing. One of our greatest acquisitions in this record breaking year was Adam Hedgecock, a talented sim racing photographer with his main focus on iRacing.

Some of the pictures Adam has taken in his portfolio are exceptional. With too many to address here, we thought a monthly highlight of pictures from the racing series Adam supports would be a great idea.

Pictures of the month for August 2022


Adam Hedgecock

The pictures of the month represent the shots that jump out to me in various ways. Whether it be a certain angle, angle, energy or something as generic as a vibe, each one makes me feel, “yeah, that’s sweet”. So, after throwing some ideas around, an area on the website where I can showcase a handful of shots that tick my own personal boxes was added. On the last day of each month I’ll be adding more to create a library of shots that can be used to reflect on my personal progress in my creative journey.

Why do I take pictures in the first place? I’ve always been creatively minded but had never really found the space in which to express myself properly. Having been on the iRacing platform for nearly 10 years, I’ve seen my fair share of pictures and started to get that creative itch, so I dabbled. The initial pictures were really well received and the ball was rolling. A couple of months later I was one of the nominees for a VCO Simmy Award for Photography and that cemented it for me. The passion was there from the sim racing, the satisfaction of creating unique pictures was definitely there and the response from the community was utterly amazing.

I even found myself driving during races and thinking, “I need to remember this lap number as the lighting is spot on” – but don’t tell my teammates that! Over time I’ve been helped by fellow creators who, by the way, are an amazing bunch. Always willing to offer opinions and constructive feedback, it’s massively appreciated. I’ve also been able to work with some amazing organizations and people to help them capture their special moments on track. This is why I do what I do and keep pushing myself to learn more, do more and create more.

Mr. Hedge Professional Sim Racing Photography

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