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Rudskogen Motorsenter Joins iRacing as Free Base Content for 2022 Season 4

Rudskogen Motorsenter iRacing Free

Free content in iRacing, that is a welcoming reveal. Rudskogen Motorsenter will be coming to the 2022 Season 4.

The Norwegian circuit of Rudskogen Motorsenter will be coming your way as free base content in the 2022 Season 4 build in iRacing. This interesting track will be a welcoming challenge to racers.

iRacing is pleased to announce the addition of Rudskogen Motorsenter to its content lineup beginning with 2022 Season 4. The Norwegian circuit will join the world’s premier sim racing experience as included content with all iRacing memberships, which means that every user will have the ability to drive on it in all modes of play—public races, hosted and league sessions, test drives, and more—immediately upon its release. Rudskogen will also be enabled for iRacing AI play.

For more than 30 years, Rudskogen Motorsenter has served as Norway’s oldest asphalt racetrack. Opened in May 1990, the track sits in an ideal spot for racing: not only does its forest terrain provide a scenic backdrop and ideal variation in elevation (nearly 140 feet), but the track’s southern location also enables it to stay open for driving experiences for as long as possible each year. From the Porsche Carrera Cup to Gatebil, it’s one of Scandinavia’s most prominent hosts of professional racing events.

After two decades in operation, the track received a redesign from world-renowned circuit designer Hermann Tilke. The resulting 2.022-mile (3.254-km), 14-turn circuit is in use not only for professional racing and driving events, but also for driver training and track days, and includes Tilke’s signature mix of long straightaways and tight, technical sections. With an extended fleet of both Porsche and Mercedes GT vehicles, it’s an ideal training ground for those looking to gain experience in competitive sports cars of all types.

Rudskogen Motorsenter will be granted to all iRacing users as base content with the launch of the 2022 Season 4 build. It will also be present on multiple iRacing Week 13 schedules for users to try out in public events before joining series from the Rookie level and up with the start of the coming season.


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Darren Buckner

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