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Automobilista 2 Keeps Working Hard To Deliver A Great Experience

Automobilista 2 Keeps Working Hard To Deliver A Great Experience

Automobilista 2 recently dropped a packed update, have they been busy, you better believe it. Check it out and pick the game up too!

Automobilista 2 is that sim racing title that many would not take to time to check out, but if I told you it is a secret gem of a title would you go and grab the game? Whilst other sim racing titles take the headlines and popularity, their is always one title that packs a punch well above it worth – Automobilista 2.

Its one of those sim racing titles that has many features that people would like, yet it stands alone and following its own path with making the ultimate sim racing title. recently V1.4.1 finally arrived and to the tune of what i had mentioned, they have been busy.



Automobilista 2 V1.4.1 has finally arrived – the new update packs a mega list of game-changing improvements, new features, cars and a great surprise – the 2022 reform of Spa-Francorchamps as a free addition to the existing Spa-Francorchamps DLC!

The official release of Racin´ USA Pt3 has been delayed while we work out some new items for the pack, but you won´t have to wait longer to do some oval racing – the two ovals already confirmed as part of Racin´ USA Pt3 along with all oval variants of F-USA Gen1-3 from Pt2 as well as Daytona from Pt1 will all be available with V1.4 tomorrow, the Pt 3 content as a free trial for all owners of the base game until they become part of the official Racin´ USA Pt3 release!

Introducing Advanced Mechanical Damage Modeling: AMDM is currently featuring with most open wheelers, GTs and faster prototypes. To make use of it, make sure to enable MECHANICAL FAILURES in GAMEPLAY UI. Try a race any of the historic open wheelers against AI (especially F-Vintage) with random failures enabled. to more readily experience the new feature. Custom AI creators may want to look into the new reliability parameter we added. We will extend this feature to more classes in the near future, but the most notoriously unreliable race cars already are supported

We have more relevant info about this update and how to get the best of the new features incoming – for now, here is the complete changelog since the last official release.

V1.3.8.3 -> V1.4.0.0 CHANGELOG



  • Added F-USA Gen1-3 Short Oval, Speedway & Superspeedway configurations (part of Racin´USA Pt2)
  • Added Ginetta G55 GT3 to GT Open Class
  • Added Mini Cooper 1965 to Copa Classic B class
  • Added Vulkan Truck to Copa Truck class
  • Added Mercedes AMG GT4 to GT4 class


  • Added WWT Raceway Speedway and road course configurations (part of Racin´ USA Pt3, available as free trial for the coming weeks)
  • Added Autoclub Speedway (speedway & road course part of Racin´ USA Pt3, available as free trial for the coming weeks)
  • Added Daytona Tri-Oval layout (part of Racin´ USA Pt1)


  • Added support for Full Course Yellow
  • Added support for cars to use different aero packages depending on track
  • Fixed bug allowing player livery to be selected by AI in championships
  • Added low downforce aero packages for F-V12, F-V10 Gen1 & F-V10 Gen2 classes (affects physics & default setup for both player and AI)
  • LiveTrack developments: Added support for custom min-max grip ranges per track to account for tarmac quality / dirtiness / maintenance and other such variables from track-to-track; Adjusted baseline minimal grip and range (generally lower mininum grip, higher peak, slightly slower buildup, offline isn´t as globally poor grip as it was before); Adjusted Livetrack presets for better scaling & set light rubber as baseline starting point instead of Green in Default progressing configuration)
    Fixed potential freeze when a new participant joins Multiplayer session while session is alredy in progress
  • Added some mitigation to help reduce extreme wheel movement of remote clients in Multiplayer


  • Extended Opponent Settings to allow user to set the number of AI vehicles per class in single player
  • Opponent Aggression setting now uses 5 predefined levels rather than 0-100% slider.
  • Enabled seat/mirror adjustment for non VR users accessed via in-game Cockpit Configuration options
  • Updated various vehicle specifications to recent revisions & added specs for new cars & associated aero packages
  • Fixed livery limit warning not displaying on Opponent Settings screen
  • Prevented livery name from expanding beyond container bounds on livery selection screen
  • Revised vehicle information according to latest physics adjustments


  • Fully revised physics for Caterhams, ARC Camaro, GT Classics, Vintage TCs, Street Cars
  • Revised tire thermodynamics covering ideal temperature ranges, heating & cooling rates and fallout rates when outside ideal operating window
  • Added Qual / Soft / Medium / Hard compounds to F-Classics (all); medium & hard compound records for F-Reiza; Hard compounds for F-V12, F-V10 (both gens)
  • Added bespoke wet compound records for Formula Classic, Formula V10, Formula Reiza, F-USA, Formula 3, Proto2-4, GT4, GT5, Sprint Race
  • Added bespoke intermediate records for Formula Ultimate (both gens)
  • Further development to F-Vee, Vintages, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Opala 79, Old Stock, TSI Cup, Street Cars
  • Revised various existing compounds for GTE, GT1, F-Ultimate (both gens), Super V8, Stock Car 2019; Revised wet & intermediate compounds (WIP)
  • Extensive engine revisions (torque & compression curves, inertia, turbo models, fuel consumption, heating & cooling rates & associated wear) to GTE, GT3, GT4, GT1 (all), Porsche Cup, F-Classic Gen3 (all), Cadillac DPi, Sprint Race, P1-P4 prototypes, ARC Camaro, Stock Car 2019-2022, Group C, Vintage TCs, F-USA (all) Mini JCW, Corvette C3, TSI Cup, Ginetta G40 GT5 & G40 Cup, Copa Classics, Hot Cars, Copa Uno & Copa Fusca
  • Fixed bug leading to extreme engine cooling
  • Revised clutch LSD models for F-Vintages (both gens) F-Retro (all gens) Cadillac DPI, P1 , P2, P3, P4 (MRX), BMW 2002 Turbo, F-V10 (both gens), F-V12, F-Ultimate (both gens), Corvette C Caterham Supersport, Superlight, 620R, F-Classic G1-3, F-USA G1-3 Stock Car 2019-2022, Copa Montana, Ultima GTR Race & revised default setups to suit (setup reset recommended)
  • Changed radiator & brake duct ranges to 5% increments for cars that have it adjustable
  • Added throttle maps for cars that still missed it: BMW 2002, F301 & F309, Caterham Superlight & Supersport , F-Classic Gen2M1&2, G3M3, F-V10 Gen2
  • GTE, GT3 & GT4 BoP revision complete, including various adjustments to turbo downscaling depending on environment pressure (so turbo cars no longer have substantial advantage on tracks at higher altitude)
  • Copa Truck now features more detailed modelling of each truck´s engine with performance differences
  • Adjusted CoG height for F-Trainers, Ginetta G40s2
  • Various fuel tank size corrections & corrections to discrepancies between fuel tank pistop ranges; corrected tank ranges that didn´t factor initial minimal 1L in tank
  • Adjusted center of fuel tank height for various cars to rectify minor inconsistencies
  • Added custom draft production scale per car, accounting for variations in drag & dimensions
  • Slightly increased lift & drag increment per radiator & brake duct setting for cars that still had that specially low
  • Disabled lingering redundant one-step setup ranges that made options appear adjustable in setup screen even though they weren´t
  • Further adjustments to FFB Max force in various cars
  • Fixed diff ramp angles in GTE / GT3 to current defaults / disabled redundant range in Mclaren 570 & Ginetta G55
  • Further adjustments to slick behavior on a wet track
  • Ginetta G40 Cup: Correted mass (925kg with driver)
  • Reduced rate of artificial pre-race tire heating without formation lap
  • Minor moment of inertia corrections for Stock Omega, Opala (all models), Lancer Cup (both models) GTE / GT3 / GT4, GT1, Street Cars
  • Ultima GTR Race: Revised specifications to suit new GT Open class it now belongs to, with adjusted tire dimensions & weight; Disabled onboard adjustable ARB
  • Mercedes AMG GT3: Minor adjustments to default setup (slightly lower rear slow rebound, increased diff preload to 110 Nm)
  • Adjusted fuel tank positions for Porsche RSR, Corvette C3.R
  • F-Classic G2M3: Added boost function going to full boost pressure setting (100%) temporarily while boost button is is held; Slight adjustment to turbo efficiency; adjusted boost map for improved driveability
  • F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted mass (798kg as per latest regulation update)
  • F-3: Fixed syntax error causing its tires to use the wrong components as of V1.3.8.3
  • F-Ultimate (both gens): Reduced front & rear wing drag-to-lift efficiency


  • AI can use more then one tire compound
  • Addec custom AI driver names & personalities for Vintage Touring Cars 1/2, Copa Classic B & FL, GT Classics, HotCas, Opala Stock, Formula Vee, Copa Uno, Copa Fusca and Lancer Cup
  • Further adjustments to AI movement when pulling out from behind another car to overtake
  • Revised AI performance for Adelaide Modern
  • Generally raised AI overtaking parameters & reduced gaps between minimum and max aggression for AI rates
  • Dsabled function that was added to prevent AI from cutting corners but was actually making the issue worse
  • AI calibration pass for all cars
  • Adjusted AI performance for Nurburgring Nordschleife layouts, Adelaide
  • Adjusted performance levels for all classes with custom AI driver
  • Restored AI aggression for practice and qualifying when dealing with other AI cars
  • Slightly improved AI overtakes of slow/lapped cars.
  • Added table of contents and sub headings for each class in AI driver list to facilitate editing by end users
  • Globally reduced rolling resistance for AI on most cars to compensate error in benchmarking AI straightline speed (further per car fine tuning still pending)
  • Added automatic radiator adjustment (for F-USA Gen1-3 oval variants only for now)
  • Added functional differential for all AI physics according to car spec to improve their ability to negotiate corners
  • Implemented AI mistakes for oval tracks (AI spins)
  • Added new AI personality parameter ‘fuel_management’ that works in oval tracks and is customizable by end user as explained here


  • AI / Remote / replay cars now have same drivetrain sounds & surface sounds as player car
  • Grinding gears sound effect should now play continuously on H-Shifters instead of infinite restarting
  • Added ambient reverb for Buenos Aires and Galeao
  • Removed artificial reverb parameters from Adelaide, Imola, Interlagos and Montreal tracks.
  • Adjusted F-Classic V6 Turbo internal sounds, adjusted external volume.
  • Increased volume of audio effect from running off the ideal racing line
  • Added crowd sounds (Auto Club only for now)


  • Interlagos: Restricted track cut limits at pit entrance


  • Restricted available car liveries to a limit of 40 total for all classes in the game
  • Added actual driver helmet designs and outfits to Stock Car Pro Series 2019-2022
  • Updated F-USA driver helmet model
  • Puma P052: Added damage/dangling parts; Fixed the reverse lights (wasn’t working before); Adjusted lights glow texture, lights uv map (ch5) and adjusted the material; Revised collision.
  • Caterham SuperSport: Fixed the H-pattern movement to reflect the correct gear sequence
  • Opala 1979: Fixed the cockpit shift light
  • McLaren F1 GTR: Fixed windscreen issue
  • Ginetta G40 Cup/GT5: Fixed gauges lights
  • F-USA Gen1: Added magnesium wheels for cars that should have them
  • Montana: Adjusted onboard cameras
  • Camaro GT4R: Updated position of look back camera so as rear wing doesnt obscure
  • Various onboard camera corrections for Copa Classic models & Copa Fusca
  • Updated F-USA G3 LCD steering wheel to include water temp in Fahrenheit
  • Fixed inaccurate RPM bar calibrations on F-USA G1 and G2 cockpit displays
  • Switched water temperature on F-USA G1 and G2 displays to fahrenheit
  • Added custom driver outfits & helmets to Stock Car 2019 + new entries to 2020-22..
  • Updated driver outfits for Stock Car drivers that participate outside series that use the Modern GT driver outfits
  • Updated liveries for Copa Uno, Copa Classics

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