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Peugeot 905 for Assetto Corsa

Peugeot 905 for Assetto Corsa

The Peugeot 905 is a legend, get this Assetto Corsa mod right now and hit the track today with friends or racing communities.

A Le Mans wining legend, the 1992 Peugeot 905 is a Group C car your need to have in your racing collection, thanks to the Assetto Corsa mod community, you can do just that. Some cars will always live long in the memory of motorsport, the Peugeot 905 is certainly one of them.

It had a 3.5 litre V10 engine with the (1992) 905B produced somewhere in the region of 715 hp and weighing 780kg, that is some serious power to weight ratio.

Be sure to visit the link below, and as always with all mods that we like to highlight, be sure to give constructive feedback to help with this and future developments. It helps out the creators immensely as well as those who are looking to grab the car, track etc.

To download this mod: peugeot_905_1992

Gaming mods are a vital core part to the gaming industry, Assetto Corsa would not be the sim racing title it is today without them, F1 has seen its best sim racing cars through mods as well. Titles like rFactor and the Automobilista series have also had their fair share.

When we see some of the great creations of cars, tracks, sounds and so much more, we really see how great the sim racing mod community is. Driven by passion and the need to create, the modding community shows some of the greatest designs in the sim racing genre.


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