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Lionheart Indycar Series iRacing Road America Report

Lionheart Indycar Series iRacing Road America Report

What a series and what a race track, the Lionheart Indycar Series in iRacing recently visited Road America for the SimRace247 GP of Road America.

The saga continues, the Lionheart Indycar Series in iRacing recently hit the track for the SimRace247 GP of Road America. Written by Darren B of

Top 5 on the grid

  1. #19 P. Kraus
  2. #91 #Maleczka
  3. #44 Harrington
  4. #62 Laarkamp
  5. #24 Morgan

Here we go, 30 cars ready to race for 31 laps at the superb Road America. Green flag, pedal to the metal, its feisty at T1, steady now, Harrington works his way up to P2, he almost loses it at T5, nice save. P.Kraus is checking out early, Morgan is up to P3. The opening lap is a clean one without any crashes and the pace is frantic, Kraus is nearly 3 seconds out front.

Lionheart Indycar Series iRacing

Harrington has been making good inroads after his early incident and is back fighting in a podium position in P3. meanwhile, Calisto and Laarkamp are having a great duel for P7, Calisto goes wide at T7 and loses traction and spins around. He had two tires slightly on the grass upon entry to T7 that broke traction and has now dropped down the leaderboard substantially.

Lap 5 top 10

  1. P.Kraus
  2. Morgan
  3. Harrington
  4. Maleczka
  5. Taylor
  6. Benci
  7. M.Kraus
  8. Laarkamp
  9. Beard
  10. Brophy

Harrington is keeping on the tail of Morgan in the battle for P2 with Maleczka 2. 5 seconds away from the podium places. Brophy moves up to P9 with beard dropping to P11, and Kinsella enters the top 10.  Harrington gets the move done on Morgan for P2, and Benci Battles for his P6 position with M. Kraus wanting to take it, he gets the move done at Canada corner with a send up the inside.

Benci and Brophy are having a great fight on track for P8, Brophy takes it, and Benci responds with some close action. Benci pits in at the end of lap 9 along with a good majority of drivers through the pack. The front runners come into pit lane at the end of lap 11, Maleczka and Kinsella stay out, that must have been some mighty fuel from those two. They pit at the end of lap 11.

Lap 13 top 10

  1. P. Kraus
  2. Harrington
  3. Morgan
  4. Taylor
  5. Maleczka
  6. M. Kraus
  7. Laarkamp
  8. Benci
  9. Kinsella
  10. Brophy

After the pit stops, there is no time to relax, P. Kraus is leading by 6 .5 seconds, we are at the halfway mark. looking at where the action is on the track, P11 and the battle to get into the top ten is a focus area. Tenth to seventeenth is covered by 3 seconds, this one is going to get interesting as they bunch closer up. Marquez in P10 and the train of Riggs, Brophy, Bomersbach, Beard, Otis, Graaf and Frazier are all in the mix.

Benci is still chipping away at it, he has moved up to P7 and is now looking at chasing down M.Kraus for P6, Laarkamp is right on the back of Benci and is looking to get his P7 position back.  10 laps are now left in the race, it has been a race that is different, but none the less, fast. P. Kraus is now in another county, he is nearly 10 seconds ahead.

Lap 22 top 10

  1. P. Kraus
  2. Harrington
  3. Morgan
  4. Taylor
  5. Maleczka
  6. M. Kraus
  7. Kinsella
  8. Laarkamp
  9. Marquez
  10. Riggs

At the end of lap 22, the front runners enter the pits, and Maleczka and Kinsella stay out. Mogan has an issue, he clips the grass and sends him into a spin, no damage or contact was made as he rejoins in P9. Maleczka and Kinsella stay out for another lap, and pit in at the end of lap 24. Maleczka joins back in P4, and Kinsella rejoins the race in P7. Kinsella is all over the back of Benci, they get side by side, it’s a tough attempt with the elbows out. Here we go, Kinsella lines up for another move, Benci resists, can he get it down into Canada Corner, Benci resists again, Laarkamp is also closing in on them, Kinsella tries again into T1, No joy. T3 he has another lunge, Benci resists, T7 contact, Benci spins out!

Lionheart Indycar Series iRacing

Back out front, P. Kraus has a twelve-and-a-half-second lead by lap 28. Laarkamp and Morgan are keeping tabs with Kinsella, the battle for P6 will go down to the wire. Meanwhile, the battle for P12 is also hotting up, Otis has it but the pressure of 5 cars in close proximity is coming. Its the final lap, P. Kraus just needs to bring it home.

Lionheart Indycar Series iRacing

Victory in the SimRace247 GP of Road America

With a commanding race, and another Kraus house, Philip Kraus has won the SimRace247 GP of Road America. Speaking in HyperX victory lane “It was a pretty straight forward race, really calm and collected”.

ROUND 13 – Road America top 10







Laps Led




1#19-PRIVATE LABEL Team Hype
 Philip Kraus
(+1) Start on overall pole
(+1) Led a lap
2#44-PRIVATE LABEL Team Hype
 Connor Harrington
(+1) 0 Incidents
3#8-Mad Werx Motorsports
 Matt Taylor
4#91-Powerslide Ignition
 Robert Maleczka III
(+1) Led a lap
5#59-Kresin Motorsport
 Matthias Kraus
(+1) 0 Incidents
6#41-Powerslide Adrenaline
 Andrew Kinsella
7#24-GRAAFix LPM
 Aaron Morgan
8#62-Alkentech NHR
 Stephen Laarkamp
9#29-Team RaceVerse
 Caleb Benci
10#09-Ascari Autosport
 Mitchell Riggs

About Lionheart Racing Series

The Lionheart Racing Series Powered by HyperX is the premier sim racing eSports league utilizing the simulation service. Lionheart was founded in 2014 to create an organized championship format inside the sim racing eSports space. Currently, the league is entering into its 8th year of operation and is proud to present 3 full time championship series.

Our racing is unmatched anywhere in iRacing, but what really sets Lionheart apart isn’t found on the track; it’s found in the spirit and the values of each of our members. Founded to carry on the memory of fallen IndyCar Champion Dan Wheldon; from day 1 Lionheart has put an incredibly strong emphasis on driver conduct both on and off the track. League members adhere to a very detailed rulebook which governs on-track and off-track actions ensuring a clean and respectful atmosphere for participants and sponsors.



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Darren Buckner

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