Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #68

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #68

Women in sim racing here at simrace247 continues with our weekly blog from Yvonne Houffelaar. Let’s catch up with her for blog #68.

Women in sim racing continues with our resident female sim racing blogger Yvonne Houffelaar. This week in blog #68 we catch up with her sim racing events and more.

Welcome to my sixty eighth weekly blog. It’s going to be a special week for my birthday I’m going to organize 2 races!

Commonwealth Esports Championship
On Sunday 07-08-2022, Sophie and I were at the Commonwealth Esports Championship at Birmingham. We’ve got an invite from Stefy Bau. Stefy is the CEO from Init Esports. We were there to advertise my brand, but also to share our passion from Esports. It was great to see that everyone had a passion for gaming, there were a lot of different games, and also games that I didn’t know. It was great to help the visitors, in the race simulator, and share our passion with them! Stefy supported us a lot, and it was great to give her and Init Esports the support that they deserve! The passion that they have, was great to see, and great to be part of!

CC AWSR Sim Racing
On Monday 08-08-2022, was the first round of the CC All Womens Racing Series, at Brands Hatch Indy. 2 sprint races, from only 10 minutes. Sophie had the pole position, I was P2, and Jenny P3. My start was bad and I lost a place. I could come back and overtook Jenny for P2. Sophie won the race, and I finished second. The second race was reversed grid start, it was very interesting to drive, and also to watch. Because of the difference in driving style, I’ve got a lot of taps from behind, in the braking zone, and turning in point of the corner. I had some good overtakes, a great battle with Sophie, I thought; I love you but you’re not passing me on this race! Had a great overtake on Jenny, which means I won the race! Sophie got 2nd and Jenny third. For the first time, I’m leading a championship in Gran Turismo Sport!!

Birthday Special
On 11-08-2022 is my birthday, and I thought how great will it be to organize a race for the first time! I’m organizing a race on Gran Turismo Sport, the 11th of August, 2.4 Hours at Le Mans. The reason that I choose to organize a race on Le Mans; My goal is to drive Le Mans in real life, over 5 to 10 years! The winner of this race, will win tickets for one of my races in real life!

On Friday 12-08-2022, I will organize another race, but this race will be on Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) on PC. It will be 2.5 hours at Misano! My favourite track Misano, and my favourtie car Bernadette (the Bentley), will make it great! It’s the first race that I’m organizing on ACC, and I hope there will be a lot of interest. If everything goes well, I will organize more races, and a championship! The winner of the race, will win tickets for one of my in real life races!

There are still places left in both of the races, if you want to join, please let me know!!

Upcoming races:

  • 11-08-2022: Birthday Special GTS, 2.4 Hours at Le Mans
  • 12-08-2022: Misano Special, 2.5 Hours at Misano
  • 15-08-2022: CC All Womens Racing Series, round 2 at Red Bull Ring

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