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Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing New Hampshire Report

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing New Hampshire ReportLionheart Speedway Series in iRacing continues as round 11 visits New Hampshire. Here we have the race report.

The Lionheart Speedway Series recently visited New Hampshire in iRacing, round 11 was a tough one, the HyperX New Hampshire 175 was a race of patience.

Written by Darren B of

Top 5 on the grid

  1. #99 Goodman
  2. #8 Taylor
  3. #88 Graaf
  4. #69 Malone
  5. #31 Showen

35 cars are ready to rumble for 165 laps, a clean rolling start by everyone and we get up to speed, Hardin moves up to P5, yellow flag lap 5, Galaz loses the backend of the car and ends up on the inside grass. Lap 8 and we are back to green flag racing, after that early caution flag, the drivers will need to get back in the zone quick, Munoz is having a great early stint sitting in P6, early days of the race but great to see.

Lionheart speedway iRacing

Lap 16 brings out the yellow again, Gabe Wood loses the backend and spins out across the track with Dupre having nowhere to go, with the yellow out, drivers enter the pits. Lap 21 brings out the green flag, Munoz had a poor restart and drops to 10th, it appears he had shifter problems.

Lap 25 top 10

  1. Goodman
  2. Taylor
  3. Graaf
  4. Malone
  5. Hardin
  6. Showen
  7. Degroot
  8. Rigney
  9. Nunez
  10. Munoz

The yellow is back out again on lap 27, Rankin slams into the wall and goes airborne, and Wagner collects the car of Rankin as it slides across the track. Once again, some drivers enter the pits to top off. Green flag is out for lap 33, and we are back racing, YELLOW FLAG, Oster and Anzaldo make contact. Lap 38, green flag, some of the drivers need to get a good stint and passes done as the race has been very stop and start.

After a good stint of laps, the inevitable yellow flag comes out on lap 47, Sanders slams into the inside wall after the car got loose, he almost saved it. Once again with the yellow out, a large majority of drivers enter the pit. If you had a pen and paper strategy at the start, that is now well out of the window, this race is a mathematical one now. Lap 52 gets back to green flag racing with the yellow coming out on the restart. Lap 57, green flag.

Lap 60 top 10

  1. Branch
  2. Wagner
  3. Watson
  4. Taylor
  5. Moll
  6. Graaf
  7. Malone
  8. Hardin
  9. Rigney
  10. Herrick

Watson and Taylor dice positions for the battle of P3, lap 70 brings out the yellow, Galaz and Godsoe collide. Once again many come into the pits. Lap 75 restarts the green flag racing, Goodman spins it up on the restart and slams into the wall, yellow flag. Lap 80, green flag.

Lap 81 top 10

  1. Degroot
  2. Showen
  3. Demaegd
  4. Wood
  5. King
  6. Branch
  7. Wagner
  8. Taylor
  9. Graaf
  10. Watson

This is one of those races that feels like it cannot get going, some of the drivers must be affected by this. Lap 89, yellow flag, Herrick tries to make a move around Anzaldo, the gaps closes between him and the wall and the inevitable happens. Lap 94, green flag. DeGroot is trying to break the slipstream tow, he is currently 0.8s ahead of Wood. Ryan King sees his car on the infield after losing the back end of the car, we remain green.

Taylor is looking like he has good speed and momentum as he looks at launching an attack on Wagner. Degroot pits in at the end of lap 110, Wood leads and enters the pits at the end of lap 113, Taylor and Wagner tussle for P2. Graaf is making moves and goes on the offensive to pass Wagner, Graaf gets it done, P2, Taylor takes the lead. Lap 119, yellow flag, Watson loses the backend and slides across the track, Nunez slams into him hard, he had nowhere to go. With the yellow out, the pit stop shuffle is in full effect as many enter pit road. 42 laps to go and the green flag is out, Taylor leads.

40 laps to the chequered flag top 10

  1. Taylor
  2. Branch
  3. Graaf
  4. Wagner
  5. Moll
  6. Hassert
  7. Hysong
  8. Hardin
  9. Showen
  10. Demaegd

Taylor has got great speed and is looking to break the 1 second barrier over Branch, he keeps the momentum, Taylor leads by 1.1. Hardin moves up to P7, Rigney and Carter are having a great battle for P11, 28 laps are left in the race, can we make it to the end caution free?  Taylor is in the zone, he is now 1.5 seconds ahead of Branch, who is half a second ahead of Graaf in P3 with 15 to go.

The yellow is out with 8 to go, the car of Carter is upside down, and footage shows a collision with Rigney, they were having a great battle for P11. Green flag, 3 laps remain, its a quick fire shootout to the end.

Lionheart speedway iRacing

Victory in the HyperX New Hampshire 175

With a tense sprint to the end Matt Taylor has won the HyperX New Hampshire 175, speaking in HyperX victory lane ” Im a little worn out, that was tough, I had to stay patient”. This was a race as we mentioned earlier that can be very draining with all the cautions, but Matt Taylor prevailed and succeeded.

ROUND 11 – New Hampshire Motor Speedway Top 10








Laps Led




1#8-Graafix LC Mad Werx
 Matt Taylor
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
2#28-Powerslide Motorsports
 Joe Branch
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
3#88-Graafix LC Mad Werx
 Tyler J Graaf
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
4#3-Dark Horse Racing
 Matt Wagner
5#23-Synergy Motorsports
 Dean Moll
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
6#11-Transcendent Motorsports
 Joe Hassert
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
7#7-Elwood Design eSports
 Ricky Hardin
(+1) 0 or less Incidents
8#18-Dark Horse Racing
 Jeff Hysong
9#31-Powerslide Motorsports
 Tony Showen
10#82-RaceVerse Arctic
 Dakota DeMaegd
(+1) 0 or less Incidents


About Lionheart Racing Series

The Lionheart Racing Series Powered by HyperX is the premier sim racing eSports league utilizing the simulation service. Lionheart was founded in 2014 to create an organized championship format inside the sim racing eSports space. Currently, the league is entering into its 8th year of operation and is proud to present 3 full time championship series.

Our racing is unmatched anywhere in iRacing, but what really sets Lionheart apart isn’t found on the track; it’s found in the spirit and the values of each of our members. Founded to carry on the
memory of fallen IndyCar Champion Dan Wheldon; from day 1 Lionheart has put an incredibly strong emphasis on driver conduct both on and off the track. League members adhere to a very detailed
rulebook which governs on-track and off-track actions ensuring a clean and respectful atmosphere for participants and sponsors.



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