eTeamBRIT Race Schedule & Upcoming Events


Check out the upcoming streams and races for eTeamBRIT, all the details are provided including the drivers and lineup.

Here we have the race schedule and events for the fantastic eTeamBRIT, for those that do not know, simrace247 is a media partner for eTeamBRIT. The eSports team supports those with physical and mental disabilities in the sim racing genre. Be sure to support, and visit the streams and those involved! eTeamBRIT has some great races coming up.

eTeamBRIT Race Schedule 

A new week means new races are coming up, and a new series.

GGG Chase the Sunset
On Monday 08-08-2022, it’s time for the final round of the GrandpaGoesGaming (GGG) Chase the Sunset. Cass Corby is driving the final round at Special Stage Route X, and she is doing very well in this championship. The boost is very high, and everyone can join back in the pack, which makes it very interesting and exciting to watch! There are 3 races, where only the last race counts for the championship points.

Race Schedule:

  • Lobby open: 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST
  • Qualifying: 20:30 BST / 21:30 CEST
  • Race: 20:45 BST / 21:45 CEST


CC Sim Racing All Womens Series
On Monday 08-08-2022, started a new championship CC Sim Racing All Women’s Series. Sophie and Yvonne are driving this series. It will be interesting to see their pace, and from the other ladies. Yvonne said; “It’s going to be the first time that we are racing with this community. We did some short fun races last Thursday, it was fun, and they are all very friendly. I’m going to give it my all, for good results in the races, and I’m looking forward to it!” There are 2, 10 minutes races, it will be interesting and exciting to watch! The first race of the series will kick off at Brands Hatch Indy course.


  • Sophie Aeronwen
  • Yvonne Houffelaar

Race Schedule

  • Lobby opens: 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST
  • Qualifying: 20:30 BST / 21:30 CEST
  • Race 1: 20:45 BST / 21:45 CEST
  • Race 2: 21:00 BST / 22:00 CEST


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