Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #28


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Hello everyone, welcome to my 28th blog here on simrace247! I hope you all are doing well. It’s been 8 months since I’ve been writing a blog every week! Thank you so much for spending time reading my blog, and thank you Darren for this opportunity.

So this week I haven’t done much stream like I used to, I’ve been putting so much time preparing for my upcoming 6H race at Suzuka. I am so excited to get into this race, I will drive solo and this race is gonna be my long race after a long break from ACC.  I missed my viewers so bad, lately I’ve been chatting with them on my Discord channel. I decided to spend some time streaming my race and have them in chat.

F1 Open Lobby Stream

Last Friday I hosted an open lobby in F1 22. My friend Jelle joined the race and it’s been a while since we had a race together. It was nice to have him racing with me.  We were racing in Hungaroring, Autódromo José Carlos, and Marina Bay Street Circuit. I set the race in medium, so it meant we had to race about 18 laps each track.
I got a podium in the Brazilian GP, it was the greatest race I have ever won in an F1 game!

Things didn’t go very well in our last race. I struggled a lot in Singapore. That was the first time I raced there. I finished last. Better luck next time! Overall it was a fun and great race! We had some clean drivers on the grid, I highly appreciate that.

Wednesday iRacing Stream

On Wednesday I decided to race in iRacing. I haven’t stream iRacing in a while, some of my viewers would love to see me racing in iRacing so yeah, we race in iRacing.  This week’s GT3 series is at Hungaroring. It’s a tricky track and I find it quite hard to overtake here.  I qualified at 6, and finished at 9. I lost positions, but I had a great race. I didn’t lose SR, so that’s good. I’m working on my SR to get to A license through fast promotion.

Last but not least, I would like to announce that I’m now partnering with RaceLab. It’s a great app for iRacing, F1, or ACC. I find it very helpful to have this if you are racing in iRacing. You can use it for free or upgrade to the premium subscription to unlock more features!

Download RaceLab here: https://racelab.app/

So that’s it for now, thank you very much for spending your time reading my blog. Stay safe and healthy, I will get back to you next week!

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