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Check Out These F1 Mods for Assetto Corsa


The F1 season may be having its break, but racing fans can check out some of the best Formula 1 Assetto Corsa mods to keep you entertained.

Assetto Corsa, renowned for its realistic simulation of racing is highly favoured by Formula 1 fans. To augment your sim racing experience, we have carefully selected a diverse range of Assetto Corsa F1 mods, reflecting the extensive history of Formula 1 across various generations.

This assortment, presented without any specific order, includes a mix of free and paid mods, each chosen for their exceptional quality and ability to enhance the gaming experience.

These mods span from vintage to contemporary F1 cars, adding remarkable depth to the Assetto Corsa gameplay. Whether you prefer the powerful turbocharged vehicles of the 1980s, the advanced technology in today’s F1 cars, or anything in between, this list is designed to offer a genuine and immersive driving experience.

The true appeal of these mods is in their attention to detail, capturing the spirit of F1 racing. Some mods are available at no cost, while others require a small fee, justifying their contribution to your gaming experience.

Your constructive feedback is vital in the development and improvement of these mods. Engaging with the creators and providing helpful comments can significantly influence the enhancement of both current and upcoming projects. This interactive relationship between gamers and developers fosters a continuously improving and engaging racing experience within the Assetto Corsa community.

We at are pleased to highlight these mods to our ever growing community.


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