GRG Esports Mazda MX5 Series iRacing Tsukuba

GRG Esports Mazda MX-5 Series iRacing Tsukuba

One of the best cars in sim racing has its own series at GRG Esports in iRacing, the Mazda MX5 Series. Round 7 is at Tsukuba.

GRG Esports, another great sim racing league and partner has the Mazda MX5 Series in iRacing, next up for round 7 and the finale is Tsukuba. We are happy to announce a new weekday series, the MX5 Series! In this 7 round series, drivers will learn the Mazda MX5 and various free tracks (and 1 paid) on iRacing. Each race will consist of a 20 minute race with 1 fast repair that drivers can use. The series will feature 1 drop round so that drivers can still be in contention even if they miss a round. Sign ups are now open!

GRG eSports Presents: MX5 Series on iRacing

  • 20:00 EDT Practice – 30 Minutes
  • 20:30 EDT Qualifying – 10 Minutes
  • 20:40 EDT Race – 20 Minutes

Special Rules:

  • Cars Available: Global Mazda MX5 Cup
  • Daytona will be the Legacy version
  • 1 Drop Round
  • In case of tie, most wins/podiums/etc. will determine the winner
  • Standing Starts
  • 1 Fast Repair


Sign up is available in the discord

GRG eSports is a league partner with simrace247: GRG eSports