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Sim Coaches Sim Racing Equipment


Sim Coaches is an American made in house sim racing equipment manufacturer that prides itself on delivering excellence.

We continue with our advertorial coverage for Sim Coaches and the importance of how sim racing equipment is essential to that race car feel. There is something special about being able to build sim racing equipment on a 1:1 scale and having it replicate the exact feel of a race car or your street car. Sim Coaches firmly believe that the muscle memory you build up in the simulator is essential to translate onto the race track and vice versa. There is no point in making pedals that feel faux or out of tune with what is realistic.

If you are a racer in any real world motorsport discipline, you want the sim racing pedals to be as good as or exactly like your race car. Even if you are not a racing car driver but aspire to be one, the importance of the pedals and peripherals you use will make your life much easier as you progress into the motorsport world.

In this video, Laurence from Sim Coaches is at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and has their stage one simulator which is loaded with Sim Coaches hardware such as the P1 pro fully hydraulic pedals and the P1 pro hydraulic handbrake, and some of the best equipment from the sim racing genre. What better way to show off your equipment and intent, than by taking it to a race track and letting users check it out with some hot lapping in the simulator.

Sim Coaches design, manufacture, and assemble all of their equipment in house right next door to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. You could say that it’s something in the air that fuels the passion and desire to make great sim racing equipment, along with a daily soundtrack of thundering engines. Be sure to visit their website and see what is available for your next sim racing purchase.

Visit Sim Coaches Today: Best Sim Racing Products Sim Coaches American Sim Racing Store

Sim Coaches is made up of 7 people right now. As time goes on, we are continuing to add members to our team to help us grow and support our customers. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada just outside of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

What are the goals?

Innovation is our #1 driver. When we released our very first product, our P1 Pro Pedals, they were very basic. As time has gone on, we’ve upgraded them to be equipped as the best hydraulic pedals on the market. We come from that same mindset with everything we do.

As time goes on, we continue to upgrade and innovate until we have the best product offered for you. In the future, we aim to have the entire product line up available to you. From pedals, wheels, wheel bases, shifters, handbrakes, cockpits, turn-key builds, button boxes and more.

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