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Indianapolis Motor Speedway iRacing Updated Road Course

Indianapolis Motor Speedway iRacing Updated Road CourseThe Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course in iRacing has been updated with all new scan data and is now available.

The superb Indianapolis Motor Speedway in iRacing has been updated with the road course getting attention in season 3 patch 3.

The current Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course is now available on iRacing as a part of 2022 Season 3 Patch 3, just in time for this weekend’s combined NASCAR and IndyCar weekend at the track. Built from all new scan data, the updated IMS road course has been added as a new configuration to the existing track, meaning that all members who already own IMS will receive the new layout as part of today’s update. The previous configuration has received the —2009 designation and remains playable.

The updated IMS road course layout was designed to facilitate IndyCar racing as a lead-in race to the Indianapolis 500. It retains the first four corners of the previous clockwise layout, including the hard right-hand first corner, but lengthens the infield straightaway and adds a cut into the infield before Oval Turn 1 to limit drivers’ speeds on the frontstretch. After multiple years of successful IndyCar races on the redesigned road course, NASCAR has followed suit in recent years, with the NASCAR Xfinity Series debuting on it in 2020 and the NASCAR Cup Series following suit last year.

As well as being playable in all solo and multiplayer modes, the updated IMS road course has also been enabled for iRacing AI play. Following the road course, further updates to IMS will be released in the coming months.


Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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