Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #26

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #26

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Hello everyone, welcome to my 26th blog here on simrace247!

How is everyone doing? Hope you are all doing all right.So since last Thursday I spent so much time practicing in iRacing and ACC. I’m so happy to spend time for myself, for my self improvements in sim racing. I realized that I haven’t spent much time practicing and getting faster lately, been busy with work and upcoming opportunities. I don’t want to complain, I have my dream job and I love what I’m doing here in the gaming industry but on the other hand I don’t want to lose the fun of playing games, I feel like I have to spend time for myself just practicing or playing racing games casually.

I finally explored the new tracks in ACC and I explored other cars as well, I love Watkins Glen. It is my absolute favorite track in the new DLC. I haven’t tried driving in COTA and Indianapolis, I will do a couple laps at those tracks this weekend. So in this blog, I want to share an update on my sim racing journey.

Friday F1 Streams

So last week I did an F1 22 stream. Been playing F1 lately. On Friday I hosted an open lobby and we were racing in Barcelona, Red Bull Ring, Monza, and Zandvoort.  Many people joined the lobby, I didn’t know most of them so it was fun and challenging.

I can say I’m getting better and better in F1. I still made some mistakes here and there of course but I started to catch up with this game quite fast, I survived all the races and had a fun battle with them.I will host an open lobby every Friday, I usually do 4 up to 5 races in the session.  Feel free to join! Would love to have you all in the race.

Saturday Chill Stream

On Saturday I played Euro Truck Simulator 2 and F1 22. I missed playing ETS2 so much. I enjoyed driving slowly and enjoying the view in this game. And I think ETS2 is a great game to have a chat with your viewers.

After doing some quick jobs I decided to jump into F1 22 and continue my driver career. I did some practice in Abu Dhabi, I never drove at this track before so I had to practice before the race started.

I can learn this track pretty quick, I can be the fastest driver in the session. I can finally raise the AI level and go into the next level of learning this game. I’m happy to see my improvements in F1 22 and I will definitely play this game more.

Wednesday iRacing Stream

So in this week’s GT3 series we’ll be racing at Spa Francorchamps. It’s one of my favorite tracks so I’m excited to get into the race. I did some practice the night before in the Mercedes and I see improvements in my driving and I can see myself get into 2:18 by this week.

My race was pretty surprising, many ups and downs in a 20 minutes race. I made contact on the first lap passing the eau rouge. I can tell my car was broken, I lost my top speed and it was a hard defending position. I tried my best to keep up with my pace, and defend my position.

Going through the final lap, there was a broken Ferrari in front of me. I tried to pass him but he defended pretty hard. And in my opinion it was unnecessary because his car was so broken at that time.

Because of that I had to be happy with my result. I finished at P6, that was the best I can do for today’s race. But I learned a lot, I analyzed my mistakes, and hope I can do better tomorrow!

So that’s it for now. Thank you for spending your time reading my blog. I appreciate you all. Thank you for always supporting me and being with me on my journey! I will push harder and make you all proud! I will host a fun race in F1 22 next week, feel free to join and you can find more info about it on my Discord. Shoutout to my friend Nauval Setiawan for helping me arrange this fun race and everything!

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