MasterCup Rally In Dirt Rally 2.0 Finland

MasterCup Rally In Dirt Rally 2.0 Finland

The MasterCup Rally community in Dirt Rally 2.0 is one of the most challenging events, next up is Finland.

We have been a long term supporter of the MasterCup Rally here at simrace247, this Dirt Rally 2.0 community is fully committed to being one of the most hardcore sim racing rally communities out there.

The sweet snowy trees and mountain tops cover the remains of so many drivers that ended with terminal damage, as only 9 of the 14 drivers made it to the end. This also meant that drivers had a hard time getting valuable points needed to climb in the standings. With the launch of event 7, we find ourselves in Finland behind the wheel of the kit cars giving our drivers to chance to make a comeback, hoping that they could climb back up in the standings and reclaim their spots.

As with every event, this month’s event wont be easy and will push our drivers to be faster and take chances to finish their stage times as quickly as possible, though Finland is known to have caused countless retirements and terminal damages. So it will be up to the drivers to play it save or risk it all. We’ve updated this month’s event standings along with a great detailed look at drivers’ performance, link to the spreadsheet can be found below.

Drivers Performance: MasterCup 2022 Stats

The MCR is open to all levels of drivers whether you just getting into sim rallying or well experienced, supporting both pc and console drivers. Please feel free to join us in the championships and discord, links below.