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Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #25

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #25

We catch up with Eliza Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. She is a great person to check out in the sim racing community. Be sure to support and follow!

Eliza Indriani keeps us posted with her weekly women in sim racing blogs, detailing all the events, streams and more.  She is a fantastic person, be sure to check out her socials provided.

Hello everyone and welcome to my 25th blog! This week has been very exciting for me, I got another deal with a publisher for a game release and my upcoming project is doing well. We will start making our first sample on the first of August.

Although I was busy, I spent some time practicing in ACC and did some races in F1 22 and iRacing as well. I’m so happy to get back into iRacing! I missed iRacing so much! The past couple of days I was a newbie in F1 22, I didn’t have proper racing that made me happy with my progress. But I’m glad I did fine in iRacing. But, don’t get me wrong. I made progress in F1 22 as well, I made improvements in my driving.

On the other hand, I feel a bit burned out lately. Lots of work, and I had to push myself to do better and better in sim racing, and other personal business. I must admit that I lost the excitement of racing because I feel tired all the time. I might need a week off where I can just sit down, do nothing or go out and enjoy the weather.

GT3 race at Watkins Glen

On Thursday I had an iRacing stream, this time I was racing in the Fanatec GT3 series. We were racing at Watkins Glen, my current favorite track. This is a fun track, I really enjoyed driving here.

I had a pretty nice race, I dodged all the incidents at the start of the race and I slowly gained position. I kept my consistency and gained SR. My iRating is going up and down, I’m planning to do more races in this series and try to get into the A class before this season ends. I hope I can perform at my very best and reach my goals.

My first F1 22 Open lobbies

On Saturday I had another F1 stream, I planned to do the Co Op Career Mode but there was a bug that made our screen stuck on loading mode so me and my friend decided to play open lobby instead. I made the lobby and I picked Silverstone, Red Bull Ring, Monza, and Spa. I am surprised that an open lobby could be this fun! It is less stressful than the career mode in my opinion. My viewers joined the races as well, that makes the race extra fun! I get used to the F1 cars finally, I had such a good race against my viewers, friends, and random people. I can say F1 22 is a great racing game! There were some lag or bugs in the game, hope they will fix it in the next update.

I will host an open lobby next time! I’m planning to have it every Friday night central time. Come join my lobby! I will keep you updated on my Discord. So that’s it for now. Stay safe and healthy, take a good care of yourself. See you next week on my 26th blog.


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