Is iRacing The Best Overall Competitive Sim racing Title?

iRacing Best Competitive Sim racing Title


It may be a topic of agreement or not, but iRacing seems to be the best overall competitive sim racing title.

Is iRacing the best competitive sim racing title, now that is going to fire up some debate, and im sure the red mist will come over some people who like other sim racing titles. Now this is actually from a neutral perspective and opinion, I am not paid to say these comments nor am I sponsored to say so, it is strictly my own opinion. When we talk about competitive sim racing, iRacing seems to tick more boxes than others. Whilst Assetto Corsa Competizione seems to be a fan favorite with many, for me, it does not deliver in many ways.

Sure it has certain advantages in terms of graphics and weather (weather effects being important). I will be honest with you here, I do not enjoy it, and something just does not feel and look right with it, and I am fed up with the camber exploit still viable to users. I am a genuine racer, who is competitive through skill, patience and merit, but let’s get into it.

Whilst I have spoken with others about this, I get asked various questions and to my amazement, graphics seems to be the most important thing to many I speak with, right here goes.

  • Do I know how to set up a car? Yes
  • Do I know how to set up Pedals, FFB, Wheel, etc etc? Yes
  • Do I have a sim rig? Yes
  • But iRacing is expensive Darren, ACC is cheaper. My answer to that is we are talking about the game, not the price.
  • Have I listened to various comments to see if there is a trend, as it may be something I have missed? Yes
  • Do I have a suitable PC? Yes

Whilst these questions do not make or break a game, it does come in handy to have some knowledge, and as for the last question, whatever PC or console you have, if that’s what you have got, then that’s good enough IMO. For me graphics is not the essential area I look for in a sim racing title, it’s gameplay. When I first fired up rFactor 2 many years ago, I thought ”oh boy, this looks awful” but then I hit the track, and wow the FFB and handling were like nothing I had ever experienced, never again will I look at graphics in the same way.

Back to the competitive topic, iRacing and ACC (being the main focus) have a controlled system and layout for rules. Off the bat, I like how iRacing keeps you on your toes to keep your iRating. Now I know many have very high iRating (that’s great), but what I admire the most about iRating is how people are so passionate to protect it. If that drops, they cannot be eligible for certain races against a certain caliber of racers. I really like that aspect, sure ACC has its parameters but I do not sense that passion to protect your license points as such.

”Your iRating is a measure of your skill as compared to other drivers. iRatings are used to ensure similarly skilled drivers compete against each other in official sessions and Race Series”.

iRacing Best Competitive Sim racing Title

Assetto Corsa Competizione

iRacing Bugs & Issues And The ACC Camber Exploit

Like any game, it will have its faults, bugs and issues. However, what I think really matters is, if there is a problem, does it get fixed and resolved. Or can there be a workaround that nullifies the issue? Sure there are, and will always be cheats and hacks in a game, but exploits are another area that needs to be addressed. An exploit is something that is known as an area (feature or bug) within the game that people will make use of in a way considered unfair or underhand. That is really important that people understand that. A cheat system or hack is to implement a software program in order to gain an advantage without skill, REMEMBER THAT. They sound similar but are very different.

It is a real concern that Kunos has not fully eradicated the camber exploit in its sim racing tile, I cannot look at ACC and think it is a fair competitive sim racing title. There is no way for leagues and owners to check to see if people are exploiting the camber system. Imagine hosting leagues with prizes and championships only to be duped by the exploit with the champion laughing, knowing they used it, the joke will be on you! I do not blame the people who do the exploiting, they are just straight up taking the piss out of you, along with Kunos doing nothing about it, enough is enough right? . It is the worst thing about ACC, if it gets fully fixed would it win me back, I do not think it will, it has been ignored for too long and with the reason above on discipline in the iRating system, i am happy with that.

I ask this question, how many cars in the SRO GT Championships set their cars up like the camber exploit? Sure teams will try to see loopholes in the rules and push them to the limits, but abnormal car setup exploits will not be one of them. I look forward to speaking to more people about this and what sim racing means to you, is Gran Turismo 7 your favorite sim, or Forza. Either way that is great, enjoy what you enjoy, but from a competitive point of view, iRacing is the best overall competitive sim racing title.