Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #24


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Hello guys and welcome to my 24th blog! I hope you are doing well. I’ve been very busy lately with some new game release, had meetings with some game and esports companies, and many more. I can say I am a full-time gamer now, doing what I love for living is the best job in the world. I missed racing to be honest. I haven’t been racing for almost a week.

So last week I got a chance to try out the new game called MX vs. ATV: Legends, this week I got a chance to play the new F1 game! I’m so excited to try out this game, as I saw many clips about this game on social media and I think this game is pretty interesting to try. The F1 Life feature is pretty fun! You can customize your avatar, race wear and casual wear, house, and more. Oh, you can also drive a supercar in F1 22!

Well, If you guys know me, I don’t really play the F1 game. F1 22 is my first F1 game. I felt a bit nervous streaming the F1 22. Surprisingly, I received SO MANY support from my viewers!

I had a problem with my wheels, So I noticed that my wheel was shaking and rumbling pretty hard when I was in the 8th gear. I have to find the correct setup for vibration and FFB at this game. My viewers and my friends helped me with the setup and such, my wheels work perfectly now and the experience of the game has been upgraded. Here’s my FFB settings in Thrustmaster and in-game, hope it helps.

My first race in F1 22 was pretty bad. The physics is different from other sim I played, I had to adapt to it and it took a while. Also my problem in F1 is, I don’t know some of the tracks here. So it was hard to jump into the race without any practice. But it’s okay. This is my first F1 race so I didn’t expect to be super good at the first attempt.  At the end of the stream I finished P13 and was the driver of the day, not bad at all! I made a clip of my first race in F1 22, hope you enjoy the video:

It starts to get better now, on my last stream I did a Co Op Career Mode with my friends, we picked easy tracks for us to make this game less stressful for me, lol. I can say I am getting better in F1 22. I finally got the feeling of driving the F1 cars! Finally got the fun of this game. I will definitely play this game more and I’m excited to see my progress here. I will keep you guys updated! Here’s my upcoming stream schedule, make sure to follow my Twitch to keep updated with my streams.

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