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Duracell Is Title Partner For Williams Esports eNASCAR Team

Duracell Is Title Partner For Williams Esports eNASCAR Team

The Williams Esports eNASCAR team has got a great title partner, the great Duracell brand has entered the virtual world of sim racing.

Williams Racing partner Duracell has entered the world of virtual racing by becoming the title partner of the Williams Esports eNASCAR team.

Duracell, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance alkaline batteries, speciality cells and rechargeables, is collaborating with Williams Racing across a variety of high-profile marketing initiatives. The next step is a first venture into esports.

The two Duracell Williams Esports eNASCAR entries will run with a new livery to celebrate the partnership, combining the traditional blue of Williams with the iconic Duracell Coppertop battery design. Williams and Duracell will collaborate to offer gaming and esports competitors and fans opportunities to engage in both online and live events.

Steven English, Director of Esports at Williams, said: “We’re delighted to see a such a strong brand as Duracell show their support for esports. We’re proud that our prominence in the fast-growing world of sim racing can help Duracell to connect with more fans in this demographic, particularly in North America. We have two extremely talented drivers who are excited to represent Duracell and are striving to take it to victory lane.”

Vicente Salas, Driver, #19 Duracell Williams Esports, said: “”I am thrilled and honoured to represent Duracell. The car looks great, it feels fast, and I cannot wait to hit the track with it for the rest of the season.”

Donovan Strauss, Driver, #20 Duracell Williams Esports, said: “I’m very excited about our partnership with Duracell. I strongly believe this will push our eNASCAR team to the next level and I’m beyond grateful to work with such a great organization.”

Ramon Velutini, Chief Marketing Officer & Latin America President, Duracell, said: “Expanding into the virtual world of esports with Williams Racing was a natural next step. Our shared desire to innovate and achieve optimal performance when it matters most continues to inspire the heart of our partnership. We are excited to support Williams Racing on both the virtual and real-life tracks.”

Innovative engineering and powering moments that matter have been a cornerstone of the Duracell brand since the early days of Duracell landing on the moon to the more recent 2019 launch of Optimum. This partnership is another example of Duracell powering a critical, high-stakes moment – but this time, in the virtual world. Now a brand in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio, Duracell traces its roots back to the 1920s and has grown to be an iconic brand, known for its famous ‘Coppertop’ batteries.

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