CMS NARS Virtual Radical Cup rFactor 2 30/06/22

CMS NARS Virtual Radical Cup rFactor 2 Sonoma 30/06/22

The CMS NARS Virtual Radical Cup series visits Sonoma in rFactor 2, this fantastic league keeps the ball rolling.

Come and visit, watch, or attend the CMS NARS Virtual Radical Cup Series in rFactor 2, as they visit Sonoma. Be sure to check out the stream and links provided. Enjoy!

Out to California for some West Coast action in the desert. 30 minute sprints at the big twisty should make for some truly radical racing.

A truly radical series featuring Pro drivers in the slidey SR3 and AMs in the slightly more powerful GT3. Tracks range across North America and alternate between 30 minute double header sprints and longer single endurance races. Spend time with one of the most open and accessible sim communities in the world for some great action in American time zones on Thursday nights at the North American Racing Series.

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