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Sim Coaches American Made Sim Racing Equipment

Sim Coaches American Made Sim Racing Equipment

Sim Coaches, an American made sim racing equipment manufacturer that takes it to another level.

Sim Coaches is American made sim racing equipment manufacturer that is all about pushing the sim racing industry forward, and to hear that here at simrace247, we like that mentality and thought process. With many brands on the market, what makes Sim Coaches stand out?

Our advertorial coverage for Sim Coaches starts off with Darryl giving a great breakdown of what type of sim racing pedals are on the market and which is best for you. Many will see a flood of sim racing equipment out there, but which is best for you? Many will buy a product on how it looks before they even think about its performance or even usability. Others will look for a certain type of pedal that is loaded with certain features without a care for how it looks, and others will be new to the market or sim racing and have no clue what to look for, and just buy with what funds they have.

Darryl really does go into great detail on the different styles of pedals that are out there ranging from the potentiometer, load cell, and even hydraulic. It is very important to understand these different forms and he nails it with his explanation. Sim Coaches are an American made sim racing equipment manufacturer that goes into great detail with every piece that is made. They want you to know that they are very passionate about sim racing and it shows with what they make.

Check Out The Lineup At Sim Coaches

Lawrence From Sim Coaches

Here we see Lawrence from Sim Coaches taking us for a tour around the workshop, this rather interesting video shows us a lot of the equipment and process but also other insights into what they enjoy. I mean come on how cool is it to have a car up on the jacks and just randomly make your equipment for it, to many that is a dream.

The Glorious Sim Coaches P1 Pedals And The Adjusting Opportunities

The Sim Coaches P1 pedals are a rather fine piece of equipment, one of its greatest features is the versatility and adjustment they can provide to tailor to your needs. One very important thing about sim racing equipment is the flexibility to adjust, everyone is different with different requirements. Imagine getting into a car that has a fixed seat with no adjustments and the driver is 6 ft 2, and you are 5 ft 6, you get the idea. In this video, Lawrence talks about the wide variety of how adjustable this pedal set is.

Sim Coaches

Who is on the team? 

Sim Coaches is made up of 7 people right now. As time goes on, we are continuing to add members to our team to help us grow and support our customers. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada just outside of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

What are the goals?

Innovation is our #1 driver. When we released our very first product, our P1 Pro Pedals, they were very basic. As time has gone on, we’ve upgraded them to be equipped as the best hydraulic pedals on the market. We come from that same mindset with everything we do.

As time goes on, we continue to upgrade and innovate until we have the best product offered for you. In the future, we aim to have the entire product line up available to you. From pedals, wheels, wheel bases, shifters, handbrakes, cockpits, turn-key builds, button boxes and more.

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