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Asetek SimSports From Real Motorsports To Sim Racing

Asetek SimSports From Real Motorsports To Sim Racing

Asetek SimSports firmly believe that the knowledge from real motorsports is one of the vital keys to their sim racing products.

We continue with our advertorial coverage for Asetek SimSports, this time we take a more in depth look at how they have utilized their knowledge from real motorsports and translated it over to their products in sim racing. So far we have seen great coverage for Asetek SimSports in the sim racing community, the brand stands proud to produce high quality sim racing hardware that goes beyond the normal production line.

When we think of great sim racing products and hardware, Asetek SimSports goes that one step further, they are driven by Performance, Passion and Precision and ensuring their customers know about it. Every piece that is made is meticulously scrutinized to be as good as it can be, and that is where the motorsport knowledge comes into effect. As we have seen in our previous articles, Asetek SimSports likes to translate this knowledge over to their sim racing equipment.

Christian Damm

Christian Damm has worked with Ferrari as part of the Engineering Academy in the ERS (Energy Recovery System) department for the Ferrari F1 team. His knowledge is vital to Asetek and one of the key areas that has rigorous testing in the Sauna. Christian firmly believes that linking the knowledge and expertise of real world motorsport is something that is lacking from many other brands in the development of sim racing equipment. Applying these techniques and mindsets is vital and a key area that the SimSport division takes very seriously. You can be reassured to know that when you purchase Asetek SimSports equipment, it is built with the passion and knowledge of real world motorsport in mind.

Asetek founder and CEO André Eriksen

When we think of the masterminds of computer hardware and sim racing equipment, Asetek founder and CEO André Eriksen is right up there with the best of them. This is a guy that is very particular with what is made and created, he is proud to apply his company name to every product that is produced. Again, he has a huge amount of knowledge in the motorsport world, here André Eriksen goes into great detail on how a hard and short brake pedal on the 2 stage system of the hydraulic Invicta pedals is different from other products.

André Eriksen On How The Invicta Pedals Are Inspired By Real Motorsport

The Invicta Pedals are heavily inspired by the knowledge of real world motorsport, we are not talking about regular brakes from your daily driven car. No, the Invicta pedals are built with the race car in mind, each pedal is inspired by this method including the angle of the pedals. As we know with motorsport parts, reliability and quality are extremely important, the Invicta pedals are no different. In this video, André talks about the importance of getting this exactly right and how the translation from race car to sim pedal is extremely important.

As always, we thank those at Asetek SimSports for allowing simrace247 to be an advertorial partner, it has been a great insight with coverage and information that has been useful to those in the sim racing community.

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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