GRG Esports Mazda MX-5 Series iRacing Oulton Park

GRG Esports Mazda MX-5 Series iRacing Oulton Park

One of the best cars in sim racing has its own series at GRG Esports in iRacing, the Mazda MX-5 Series. Round 3 is at Oulton Park.

GRG Esports, another great sim racing league and partner has the Mazda MX-5 Series in iRacing, next up for round 3 is Oulton Park Island Historic. For those who think you need 1000hp and high downforce to have great racing, let me tell you something. These cars are some of the best to race in sim racing…..Fact!

We are happy to announce a new weekday series, the MX-5 Series! In this 7 round series, drivers will learn the Mazda MX-5 and various free tracks (and 1 paid) on iRacing. Each race will consist of a 20 minute race with 1 fast repair that drivers can use. The series will feature 1 drop round so that drivers can still be in contention even if they miss a round. Sign ups are now open!

GRG eSports Presents: MX-5 Series on iRacing

  • 20:00 ED] Practice – 30 Minutes
  • 20:30 EDT Qualifying – 10 Minutes
  • 20:40 EDT Race – 20 Minutes

Special Rules:

  • Cars Available: Global Mazda MX-5 Cup
  • Daytona will be the Legacy version
  • 1 Drop Round
  • In case of tie, most wins/podiums/etc. will determine the winner
  • Standing Starts
  • 1 Fast Repair


Sign up is available in the discord

GRG eSports is a league partner with simrace247: GRG eSports