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Alfalla Scored His First Win Of The eNASCAR Season At Nashville

Alfalla Scored His First Win Of The eNASCAR Season At Nashville

Ray Alfalla has scored his first win of the season in the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series at Nashville.

eNASCAR racer Ray Alfalla has won his first race of the season in the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series. This great sim racing series is right up there with the best in the world.

NASCAR is one of the most popular auto racing events in the world today. As far as motorsports are concerned, rarely do any exceed the popularity and excitement with which people await the next big NASCAR event. In fact, apart from Formula 1, there is no auto event organizer in the world that can compete with NASCAR.

The popularity of NASCAR has, naturally, led to several video games being produced, and licensed by the company. And in recent years, the rising popularity of video games has also led to the eSports phenomenon to come to the forefront of the zeitgeist. It is from this phenomenon that eNASCAR grew.

eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series

Perhaps the most popular event in eNASCAR racing is the Coca-Cola sponsored iRacing series. It is this event that most people are likely to have heard of; and it is this event that most people will find at online betting sites, including 10bet app, where people can place wagers on their favorite gamers. And it is within this event, that Ray Alfalla competes.

Alfalla is one of the most popular NASCAR iRacers in the world right now. He has been the world champion on four different occasions, and throughout his career, he has earned over $50,000. This sum makes him the fourth most well-payed competitor in iRacing.

Alfalla recently showed that he still has what it takes, during the Nashville event, where he managed to outpace the competition and win the race. This was his first win of the season, and many are predicting that it will not be his last. The race was a close call, with Zack Novak keeping on Alfalla’s trail for most of the game. However, in the end, it was Ray that broke through the finish line first, with Novak coming in second. For those interested about the placements of the other players, the full list you can check here.

Ray Alfalla’s Career

As we said before, Alfalla’s career is a bright one. He has managed to win four world championships and is one of the top 5 most paid iRacers in the world today. However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for the player. Just this season, Mr. Alfalla was caught in quite a bit of a rut, losing several races back-to-back. Even into the Nashville event, he came with a disappoint 36th placement in terms of points scored.

Needless to say, he wasn’t where he wanted to be. So, it was all the more surprising when he took the first place, ending his month-long rut. But, it’s not the first long drought for the racer. Alfalla has had quite a bit of underwhelming performances over his career. In fact, his inaugural season started off on the wrong foot, considering he only won one race, and was placed eighth in the overall ranking.


The good news is, that the player always manages to make a comeback and land back on top. Just a year into his career, he managed to participate in 35 starts, in which he managed eight wins. Within the next five years, Alfalla would earn the world championship title 5 times and become one of the most popular iRacers in the world of NASCAR.


Alfalla’s future seems to be a bright one. While his career is a mixed bag, ranging from terrible performances, to average driving, to fantastic stunts, Alfalla seems to have a knack for picking up the pieces after a loss, and making a comeback stronger than ever. Whatever the case is, one thing is for certain. The player’s fans are eagerly awaiting to see what he is going to pull off in the future.

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