Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #22


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Hello! I’m back with my 22nd blog! How are you? Hope you all are having a fantastic week.  This week I’ve been busy with my new bucket chair and made my setup nicer, also I was busy with my upcoming projects. Next week is gonna be a busy day for me! I didn’t do much stream lately, I can’t believe I say this. I missed streaming so much! Last week I did an iRacing and ETS2 stream. It was a pretty good stream. Channel is growing and growing, so does my community on Discord.

Just in case you missed it, check out my latest video on YouTube

Friday iRacing Stream

Last week I focused on training my race craft and exploring more tracks on iRacing. For the official series, I focused on the GT3 series and we were racing at Hockenheim. I’m more familiar with this track, I can do better than before. I was confident with my pace and I wanted to do better in this race.

My 2 races in the GT3 series were great! I finished both races at top 10, first race at P7 and second race at P9. Both races were tough, I’m so happy I finished in the top 10. Also, I learned a bit about the Oval race. It is harder than I thought. Road race and Oval race are different, I don’t have much experience in Oval race. My viewers helped me during my practice session, they gave me some tips about the Oval race.  The Oval is quite interesting, I might do some Oval races next week!

Saturday ETS2 Stream

On Saturday night I had a great time on my stream. I played Euro Truck Simulator 2. This is a fun and relaxing game to play and I had a chance to chat more with my viewers. We had a nice trip from France to Belgium. I’m planning to play ETS2 together with my friends in the future. Would be nice to have a trip together online. So that’s it for today’s blog, I’ll do more streaming next week. If you haven’t, make sure to follow my Twitch channel and see you on the stream!

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