GT3 ADAC & DTM 21 RWB International Raceroom Series

GT3 ADAC & DTM 21 RWB International Raceroom Series

What’s that?, GT3 racing with ADAC and DTM, and it’s not in ACC, it can only be the RWB International Raceroom series.

Come and join in with the RWB International series in Raceroom featuring GT3, ADAC and DTM, as the flyer mentions ” I can”t believe it’s not ACC”. Yes believe it or not there are other leagues and series out there that have GT racing, you better believe it. Check out the details below and join the RWB discord for more.

Round 5

  • Hockenheimring
  • Cars Classes Eligible: GT3R, ADAC GT Masters 2020, DTM 2021
  • Practice Starts: 20:30 BST  for 60 mins
  • Qualifying Starts: 21:30 for 30 mins
  • Race Starts: 22:00 BST for 60 mins
  • Start Procedure: Standing
  • Fuel Usage: 2x
  • Tyre Wear: Normal
  • Damage: Limited
  • Flag Rules: Black Flag Only
  • Cut Rules: Slow Downs
  • Fixed setup: On
  • Time Of Day Multiplier: 1


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