The MasterCup Rally Community In Dirt Rally 2.0

Come and Join The MasterCup Rally Community In Dirt Rally 2.0Rally fans, sim racing fans, and those that love Dirt Rally 2.0, come and check out the MasterCup community.

We know many sim racing fans really like Dirt rally 2.0, if you like a good challenge that pushes you to the limits, come and check out the MasterCup Rally community. Founded by Freddy Kitching, who is a massive rally fan from South Africa, he wanted to share his passion for the motorsport series in Dirt rally 2.0 with like minded people.

MasterCup Official

Freddy Kitching, Founder of the MasterCup Rally – In February 2021 I started a year long rally series, which came to be known as the MasterCup Rallly ( MCR for short ) It consists of 12 events with each event consisting of various car class and locations. Each event consists of 12 stages with a 30 day time frame to complete. Giving it’s competitors more than enough time to complete there stages. We openly welcome drivers of different experience levels.

The MCR also welcomes both pc and console players, it doesn’t matter if your on wheel, gamepad or keyboard, all are welcome to join us. This championship might be difficult for people that are new to rally racing, but with the huge support system from our members in our discord they will gladly give advice on how to get started.

With the huge success of MCR series 1 many of our member’s requested that the MCR continue and so MCR2 was launched on Feb 8th of this year. Back then MCR 1 had 3 repair bays and was based entirely set to only run the base game. This year MCR 2 is only has 2 repair bays and includes dlc content, reason for pushing the difficulty of the series much harder compared to last years series is to try and ensure that the top drivers have a much harder time to stay in the top 5 spots. With that said, we would love to welcome all drivers to the MCR. Invitation to the MCR linked bellow, once you’ve joined the MCR’s invitation please feel free to join the MCR discord and chat with fellow drivers

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