AMR DANI3L SimRace247 Weekly Blog #23

AMR DANI3L SimRace247 Weekly Blog #23

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Hello one and all and welcome to blog number 23 that I’ve produced for I hope that you’re all doing very well and that this past week has been a great one?

This previous week started well enough and had two great streams. But unfortunately, that good momentum didn’t last. Due to unforeseen circumstances behind the scenes, I had to cancel the remaining streams that I was planning to go live with on Thursday and Friday.

In many ways, what happened over the last few days kind of sums up how my year has gone in 2022. This hasn’t been a very good one. Either from my channel progression or in my personal life. It has been utterly challenging. Both physically and mentally.

As optimistic as I try to remain, I know that my situation won’t improve anytime soon. So, at the end of this month, my plan is to stop and take a little bit of a break away from sim racing and content creating. June 27th with the final round of the RCI British Masters Championship (which I hope to win), will be the final stream for a little while. I’m not entirely sure how long the break will be, but all I know for certain is that I need to pause, take a breather and spend a bit of time away. Hopefully, by doing this, I will return much, much stronger than ever before.

Just because I’m taking it easy for a while, doesn’t mean to say that I’m giving up on my dream of being a successful content creator/streamer. I love what I do, and I have no desire to stop anytime soon. As well as relaxing, I’ll be spending my time about the next plan of action and what I want to do with the channel. Just before any of that happens, I have a couple of streams to talk about from this past week. So, let’s get on with it.

Monday 13th June – RCI British Masters Championship Round 4 at Snetterton

Kicking off with Monday’s action, we had the fourth round of the RCI British Masters Championship which was contested at the underrated British circuit of Snetterton. I say that because the venue can produce great racing. The event that unfolded certainly was a great showcase of that.

Going into this race, because of the high speed nature of Snetterton, I was worried if my Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 would have the pace to be competitive at a circuit which was more in favour of the more dominant McLaren 720’s. Seeing the pattern in ACC and in this championship thus far with the McLaren’s taking two wins out of three, I was justified into feeling a bit apprehensive about this one.

However, it was very close in qualifying between myself and championship rival Vency Raychinov, in his McLaren 720S. I managed to place my Aston Martin second on the grid, but only fifteen hundredths of a second away from pole position. It was a little bit frustrating to be so close once again. I was starting to wonder what I had to do to finally beat the McLaren’s in qualifying.

Lining up in second place, my strategy was to try and attack as soon as the lights went green to signal the start of the race. Thankfully, my tactics paid off as I was able to sweep around the outside of Raychinov’s McLaren through turn one. It was a complete surprise to have snatched the race lead, as I didn’t expect Vency to be so cautious and break early for the first turn. But, I’ll definitely take the opportunities when they are presented.

I was able to pull away slightly but Raychinov soon caught back up again as we were progressing throughout the first stint. Thankfully, I managed to keep track position.

But then, the McLaren driver decided to dive into the pitlane early to try and do an undercut. However, it didn’t pay off as he was held up by another competitor who didn’t make their pitstop yet. So, I had taken full advantage by pitting one lap later, and managed to retain the lead to complete the second half of the race.

It was extremely close in the end. The top 3 drivers were all separated by less than a second as the third placed McLaren of Ben Mullard closed the gap whilst myself and Raychinov were fighting for the lead. However, I managed to keep my nerve and held on to win my second race of the season. I was absolutely delighted to have claimed this crucial victory with two rounds to go.

However, the 6-point gap between myself and Raychinov stayed the same despite the fact that I won at Snetterton. In this championship, you get one dropped round as well as points for pole position and fastest lap. Sadly, Raychinov took those honours for P1 and fastest lap. Which meant the points situation is the same, as you can see in the championship table via the link below:


If you want to rewatch this excellent race from Snetteron, here’s is the Twitch stream of the RCI British Masters series event as well as the official RCI stream of the event.


Tuesday 14th June – What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? Episode 8: Road Atlanta

As it turned out, Tuesday’s stream was the final one for the week unfortunately. But it was definitely the most enjoyable one with the penultimate episode of “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?” series.

This time, we had a circuit which I had not driven around in Sim Racing for almost 6 years since I last played Forza Motorsport 6. I can’t believe it’s been that amount of time that has passed. But anyway, this is one of many great circuits which is located in the United States of America and is home to the Petit Le Mans endurance race. The track in question this time was Road Atlanta! OOH YES!

With so many challenging parts to this short track with the blind corners, crests and elevation changes, it certainly was a real challenge and utter thrill to pilot a modern day F1 car around this awesome circuit. I had that much fun, that I didn’t want the experiment to end. This has certainly been the most enjoyable episode to date. But I have a feeling that what I have lined up for the series finale next week will top that. Easily!

If you want to rewatch the “What If Road Atlanta” stream, here it is for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I have hosting and driving it.


What’s happening this week on the Twitch channel?

On Monday, we have the penultimate round of the RCI British Masters Championship from the circuit of Brands Hatch. We are getting to that crucial stage now of the championship. To be absolutely safe, with the dropped round in the series, I need to produce another good result to make the finale much easier. But, am I able to seal another race victory? Or can I achieve my fifth podium in five races? Or will this be a turning point and end up going disastrously wrong? We’ll wait and see!

Tuesday will see final episode of the “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? Series. For the finale, we’ll be tackling our most challenging experiment to date as we’re travelling down under. Yep! We’ll be finding out what Formula One, F2 & F3 cars will be like (in the same race) around the circuit of Mount Panorama. This should be a very exciting and fascinating one to finish the series. GULP!

Thursday will see a return to rallying with the Mastercup DiRT Rally series around the snowy stages of Sweden. I’ve always liked this rally and the challenges it presents the drivers. Will I be drifting my way through the stages to perfection? Or will I be constantly bedded in the snowbanks? Let’s hope not for the latter!

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That’s about wraps things up for this week’s blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!