MasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0 Australia Results


MasterCup Dirt Rally 2.0 Australia Results

The MasterCup Rally in Dirt 2.0 is as tough as it gets for rally fans, Australia threw in some surprises where bringing it home is not easy.

Those in the MasterCup Rally in Dirt 2.0 faced another tough event in Australia, here we have the results and summary, plus how you can get involved with current and future events.

With over 20 driver’s entering event 5 trying there best to survive the gruelling 12 stages of Australia, 9 driver’s fell victim to curse of terminal damage forcing them to accept defeat. The championship board changing dramatically as a result from it. Sadly cause of real world interference some driver’s could not compete, which meant that some of the lower positioned drivers got pushed up in the standings. Now with the launch of event 6 we find ourselves behind the wheel of R5 class in the snowy regions of Sweden, best of luck to all MCR drivers see you at the finish line, it’s gonna be a slip and slide to the end.

Can’t wait to see if the snowy mountains are going to be kind or unforgiving to our drivers, will you rise in the standings or will there rivals take there spot? Be sure to check out our latest standings in the link below, also there’s a link where you can join the MasterCup Rally series. Once you joined be sure to join the MCR discord where you can chat with fellow members.