Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #21


Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #21

We catch up with Eliza Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. She is a great person to check out in the sim racing community. Be sure to support and follow!

Eliza Indriani keeps us posted with her weekly women in sim racing blogs, detailing all the events, streams and more.  She is a fantastic person, be sure to check out her socials provided.

Hello, how’s everyone doing? Hope you all are happy and safe. Welcome to my 21st blog! I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is, I decided to take a break from ACC. I feel bored of racing on ACC, been racing at the same tracks over and over and I’m at the point where I need to take a break from it. But, don’t worry. I will still finish my active championship on ACC!

And the good news? I will focus more on iRacing! Yeah, I’ve been practicing on iRacing lately, I improved but still need to learn more. I feel like a total newbie here. I need to focus more to get better, that’s why I leave ACC.

Anyway, I just uploaded my LFM race on my YouTube. Please check it out! It was a great race, I can’t believe I gained 7 positions at Barcelona! You all know that I hate this track, right? So yeah, it was a great achievement for me to finish at P5 in this race. So this week I only had 2 races, I didn’t really stream that much this week, I got a lot of work to do during the weekdays, and I tried to finish my rig upgrade on the weekend.

GT Meister GT3 Championship Round 3 – Nurburgring

Raced at my favorite track, and drove my favorite car. What could go wrong? Welcome to the 3rd round of GT Meister Championship! We’re racing at Nurburgring this round. I took an extra hour for some practice simply because I enjoy this track so much. My pace during the Free Practice was great, consistency also great. I was so ready for the race! But, my qualifying was kinda bad. I was 1 second slower than my normal pace, I don’t know why, it was just me throwing my quali. That put me in P21, basically I was at the back of the grid, but anything can happen in the race, right? I kept my heads up and tried to gain position as much as I could. First lap was crazy, everybody tried to survive the T1 carnage,  I remember exactly that I went 3 wide from T1 all the way to T2, and it was totally packed. I had to be super aware of my surroundings and tried not to hit anyone.

I survived the lap 1 carnage, I even climbed up position. Pace was great, and yeah. I did great throughout the race. No spin, no crash, whatsoever. I finished at P14. I gained 7 positions at this 1 hour race. It was a great race!

I realized that I suck at Qualifying, but I always survived the lap 1 carnage and I gained positions. That’s what matters most.

Next round is Misano, not my strong track so I have to spend more time practicing. Wish me luck for the upcoming race, I hope I will survive.

You can rewatch the stream on my Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1500357757

Thursday iRacing stream

I was so excited to get into the race in the new season! I got promoted to B class, which means I can finally race in VRS sprint series, endurance, and many more! There are a lot of interesting series in B class, and this is the first time I’ll run the full season on iRacing, can’t wait to see my progress on iRacing. It’s gonna be hard, trust me. But I believe I will be a better driver at the end of season 3.

This week I’m doing the GT3 fixed series, we’re racing at Hockenheim. It’s a great track! This is one of my favorite tracks for sure. The hairpin is one of my favorites. Can you believe that? Haha But it’s a night race. Oh no! First time racing at night time on iRacing, one word to describe the night race here : DARK.  Yes, it was super dark during the race, I had to be extra careful cuz this track literally had no lights around. It’s hard to see the apex, you have to be super familiar with it. I was nervous to get to the race sessions. I had no idea what’s gonna happen at the night race. This was the first time I raced at night on iRacing. My friend Adam helped me on my first race. Big thanks! So the first race was…… bad. Literally.  I punted someone by accident, I didn’t mean to do that. It was me mis-judged his moves at the hairpin. I also spun and went off track. But the good thing is. I was at P4! I secured my position and kept pushing.

When the race was only 2 minutes left, I got disconnected from the server! It never happened before on my side. This was the first time I got disconnected in the middle of the race.
I can’t finish the race. I finished at P10, it sucks. I could’ve finished at P4 but yeah.. that’s unfortunate. I lost some SR and iRating because I had some contact and went off track.

I didn’t give up! I registered for the next session, I wished that I’ll do better at the next race. While waiting for the next session, Adam helped me to analyze my mistakes and where to improve. I can see where I did wrong, I felt so bad. But it’s okay, I take that as a lesson. That’s a part of learning curves. The 2nd race was fine, I survived the T1 carnage and I can see myself getting better in this session. I tried to follow my friend’s tips and advice, I tried to improve my racecraft, keep my consistency and minimize any contact and went off track. I finished at P5. It was a great race!

And I got a nice surprise during my stream, gamer muscle visited my stream and raided my stream as well. It was a great moment! I look up to his streams and contents to learn how to get better in sim racing. Also my good friends were there to support me, I can’t thank you enough! Seriously, it means a lot to me, and I’m so grateful to have all of you in my life. I wouldn’t be here without your support.

You can rewatch my iRacing stream on my twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1504928496

So guys, that’s it for now. I’m super grateful to have you all in my life. Seriously. If I look back to last year.. I can’t even finish a 15 minutes race, I’m not confident of my racing skill, I was so shy to talk to the camera and start streaming.What I have now and what I achieved so far… idk what to say. Can’t believe I am in this position right now, where I stream everyday, I’m not shy on the camera, I enjoy talking with you all. Wow.

We’re not there yet. I still want to go faster and more aggressive, and I want to win another championship. So yeah, I still need to train more and push harder. I will make you all proud. Any wins, any progress is all for you. Thank you.

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