AMR DANI3L SimRace247 Weekly Blog #22

AMR DANI3L SimRace247 Weekly Blog #22

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Hello one and all. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my 22nd blog for I hope you will enjoy reading about my sim racing exploits from this past week.

Monday 6th June – RCI British Masters Championship Round 3 at Donington Park

Starting with Monday, we had the third round of the RCI British Masters Championship from a very damp Donington Park. After the recovery drive I produced at Silverstone, hopes were high for this round, and I was determined that another strong result would be achievable.

However, just like the previous event at Silverstone, I knew that it was going to be tough because of a certain car brand called McLaren. Sure enough, my hopes were slightly diminished after qualifying as I was only able to place my Aston 4th on the grid. Just to show the McLaren 720S’s dominance in ACC atm, 5 out of the top 6 cars on the grid were all filled with McLaren’s. I was the meat in a 720S sandwich.

Just because I was the only non-McLaren in this group, didn’t mean that I was going to concede and be defeated by them. On the very first lap, I was able to overtake Ben Mullard around the outside of the Craner Curves, gaining one place to third. And by the end of the second place, I worked my way up to P2 after passing Niko Kuisma on the inside of the Melbourne Hairpin.

After these two overtakes, I had Niko on my tail for the rest of the race. I tried a different strategy but it didn’t quite pay off to increase the gap. The pressure was intense for most of the event. Also, I wasn’t able to keep in touch with the overall winner, Vency Raychinov in his McLaren. A thoroughly deserved victory but I was very satisfied to be the first non-McLaren home and only 7 seconds behind in second place.

In this series, we have one dropped round, which means that with my first place at Oulton Park and second place at Donington, I currently lead the points table by 6 just points from Raychinov with Kuisma P3. I have no doubt this championship will be hard fought, so I will have to remain on top of my game to try and win this championship. But, I’m determined to give it absolutely everything I have.

RCI POINTS TABLE: RCI Championships. If you want to rewatch the race at Donington Park, here’s is the Twitch stream of the RCI British Masters series event.


Tuesday 7th June – What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? Episode 7: Kyalami

Tuesday saw the seventh episode of my “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here” live stream series. This time, traveling to a new continent which I haven’t ventured in this series before. But obviously, Kyalami (South Africa) is a venue that I have driven many times in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

For a circuit mod, the track itself in Assetto Corsa looked remarkably similar to the ACC version, with a few subtle differences around the venue. But whereas we’re normally used to seeing GT3 cars compete at the circuit today (sim racing and real world), I decided to see what it would be like for modern Formula 1 cars to race around Kyalami for the first time since 1993. And not forgetting the F2 and F3 machines of course. This series is called “Multi-Multiclass Racing” after all! Ha Ha!

It was tremendous fun all throughout the 35-lap experiment with some very amusing moments during. Whether it’d be myself making mistakes or some interesting acrobatics by the A.I drivers in this race. It was great to be driving something other than GT3’s around Kyalami for a change.

Also, during this stream, I gave the brand new VRC (Virtual Racing Cars) Formula Alpha 2022 car a spin for a few laps to see how it compared to the Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO machine which I use during this second series of “What If”. If you want to see how the VRC car fairs as well as finding out how the Kyalami experiment went, the stream is available to rewatch right here. I hope you’ll enjoy.


Wednesday 8th June – RDC Sprintathon Races 5 & 6 at Kyalami

For the second consecutive day, Kyalami was the home for more racing action on my stream. But this time, for races 5 and 6 of the Rapid Drivers Club Sprintathon Championship. This time around, we would all be piloting the Porsche 992 GT3 Cup Car. OH JOY! I tried my upmost to be enthusiastic about driving a sporty Volkswagen Beetle but it didn’t work.

Unfortunately, the attendance for this meeting was very low which was a shame. Only 5 drivers turned up for the race. But, I was determined that it was still going to be enjoyable which is was.

To be fair, both races were epic. My closest competitor for both races was Andrea Masiero. I just about held him off in race 1 and for the second race, I worked my way from the back to clinch the victory once again. If you want to rewatch the RDC event and see myself driving the Beetle, here is the stream for you to view.


Friday was meant to be a celebration of another edition of this year’s Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race. But unfortunately, whilst I was live, I was occurring technical difficulties which I didn’t know the full extent of until I was around 2 hours into the stream. In the end, I had to cancel this particular stream. It was a real shame because of everything I had planned this past week, the Le Mans special was one that I was looking forward to the most. But it wasn’t meant to be.

However, I have decided to reattempt this stream and have rescheduled the Le Mans special (1 week after the real event) for this upcoming Friday. Fingers crossed everything will work out much more smoothly this time around.

What’s happening this week on the Twitch channel?

On Monday, we have the fourth round of the RCI British Masters Championship from the challenging circuit of Snetterton. Can we keep up the perfect momentum of finishing on the podium? Or will this event prove to be much trickier than anticipated? We’ll soon find out.

AMR DANI3L SimRace247

Tuesday will see episode 8 of the “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?” series. This time, we’ll be venturing back into North America with a track which is home to the Petit Le Mans endurance race as part of the IMSA Sportscar Championship. Yep! We’ll be going to the awesome Road Atlanta circuit. I have no doubt that this will be enormous fun.

Thursday will see a return to rallying with the Mastercup DiRT Rally series around the snowy stages of Sweden. I’ve always liked this rally and the challenges it presents the drivers. Will I be drifting my way through the stages to perfection? Or will I be constantly bedded in the snowbanks? Let’s hope not for the latter!

AMR DANI3L SimRace247

Finally, after some quick rescheduling, Friday will see the second attempt at the Pedal To The Metal Le Mans special that I went live with last week. I’m determined to try again. Fingers crossed for no technical issues this time around.

AMR DANI3L SimRace247

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That’s about wraps things up for this week’s blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!