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Hello and welcome to my 20th blog! How are you? Hope you’re doing well. This week has been AMAZING for me! I joined some races and did good, my streaming channel is growing faster than I expected, met tons of wonderful people during the stream, and many more! I’m super grateful to have you all in my life! I really do.

Alright, talking about sim racing, this week I have a race both in ACC and iRacing. It’s been a fun week I must say. I see my progress in certain track, and I learned a lot from my mistakes.

Thursday iRacing Stream

On Thursday I continue my journey in iRacing by joining the IMSA Michellin Pilot Challenge. I was driving the Aston Martin GT4, it’s a pretty great car to drive for a beginner like me.
I did a few races in order to fill the requirements to get promoted to B class.

I can see myself getting better and better, I finally get the feeling of driving in iRacing. Although there are still a lot to learn and improve, I got my pace and I drive clean most of the time. That’s what is most important. My viewers were also there to support me, and there were also new viewers and followers who came and supported me. That means a lot to me, cuz I didn’t feel confident to stream my iRacing game at first.

My last race that day went not as I expected, I got contact with other drivers, I even got a black flag for that. It wasn’t my fault, but I had to serve the drive through penalty anyway. I lost SR and iRating because of that. That sucks but that’s racing. Sometimes you have a good race, sometimes you have to accept that it’s a bad race. The point is, I will definitely do better next time!

Here’s the most memorable race for me, not the best race but I learn a lot from this race. You can watch it on my YouTube:

GT Meister GT3 Championship Round 2 – Donington Park

With such a little time of practice, I decided to jump into this race anyway. This is the 2nd round of GT Meister championship and in this round we were racing in Donington Park. It’s a fun track yet very challenging (especially at the last 2 corners, the double hairpin). I was involved in an incident at the Melbourne Hairpin, it gave me 5 seconds of damage but still fine. I can push a bit and make it to P13 before pitting.

Racing at this track is pretty fun! I enjoyed it so much. Donington is a fun track for sure. I can’t wait to have another race here and see the progress of my driving.

Overall it was a pretty good race. Well, not bad at all since I had 0 practice for this race. I even made the car setup 3 hours before the race. So yeah, with such a lack of practice and didn’t mess up my race. Next up is Nurburgring, my favorite track. Let’s push harder and hope I will score a better result in round 3.

Tuesday LFM stream

I’m trying to get out of the rookie class in LFM. This week’s daily race is in Barcelona. Not my strong track, so I just tried to survive the race.  In my first race, there were 14 drivers on the grid, I started at P12. I was so nervous for this race because the last time I had a race here, it was so bad. So I learned from the past races, I’ll be extra careful this time.  It turned out pretty good, though! I survived the first lap, all drivers were driving so safe, much respect to the drivers on the grid that day.

Along the race, I kept my consistency and tried to follow the car in front, slowly climbing up to 7th and at the last 2 or 3 laps, 2 drivers in front of me crashed into each other, twice in a row! (Yes, twice) and I took advantage of it, I finished at P5! Wow, that was memorable for me, I didn’t expect a good result like that. This is my first race of the day in ACC. I’m so happy to see my progress at this track. Although I still need to practice my trail braking more, it’s okay. Take it easy and enjoy the process!

I will upload the full race on my YouTube soon! I will keep you guys updated.

Wednesday iRacing stream

This is the 13th week in iRacing, I saw a lot of short races and it was pretty fun, I guess? Although I didn’t have to do any races (just wait for the new season to start), I decided to jump into the session anyway. I take this session as a part of learning in iRacing.

I race in the Ferrari GT3 fixed series, we’re racing at Spa. It is my favorite track and I said it many times! I’m excited to explore this track in iRacing. My current best lap time is around 02:20.080 and I can see myself reach 02:19 or even below that with a little more practice.

My friend Tyrannocyrusrex, one of the top players in Gran Turismo, raided today’s stream. Thanks so much for the support! It gives me an extra boost to do better and better.
The first race went well, I drove safe and I got my pace. But my 2nd race was super bad. I got contact with other drivers, tow needed and I forgot to untick the refuel and change tires so I spent over 5 minutes in the pit. Race was over since then but I gotta cross the finish line anyway. I lost some SR and iRating. That was sad but I gotta accept it. I learned a lot from this race; about track limits, and also the whole situation of racing in iRacing.

Last, I did a couple laps of practice in the Porsche cup. My viewers helped me by giving some tips and advice about driving this car. Sampsoid also joined my stream and helped me calibrate my steering wheel. Next stream I’ll be doing more practice, I’m excited to join the Porsche cup series in iRacing next season.

So that’s it for now. There are ups and downs in this week’s races but I’m glad I experienced this. I will definitely do better next time and I will focus more on iRacing from now on. There’s an upcoming championship that I want to join in iRacing. I’m so excited and nervous. I need to learn more about the car setup and have more experience of racing in iRacing. Wish me luck!

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