James Parfitt Broadcasting Sim Racing Update 09/06/22

James Parfitt Broadcasting Sim Racing Update

James Parfitt Broadcasting has had a busy week with his sim racing commentating across the genre and more.

James Parfitt is a commentator, producer and founder of his broadcasting channel in the sim racing genre. He is currently commentating for some iRacing leagues but is also available to be contacted for more broadcasting and commentating, check him out.

After missing last week with a busy schedule, we return with the deciding week, the finale of the Uk Sim Racers MX5, FBL Sprint, UKSR Pcup and GT3 as well as some special IRL commentary.

Tuesday began at Daytona with a tight, 100 point lead for Pete Newman, with Pete van Gool and Momo catching week per week but the real battle was with the AMs, Craig Jones and Steve Handsford, which started with a gap of 10 points, ending with a gap of 4 points at the end of the 4 races. This week was the true Daytona story, Team orders, The Big One and a crash between 1st and 2nd in the AM’s!

Race 1 ended with a gap of 0.000 to the winner and 2nd place, with a 4 wide sprint to the finish, surely preparing me for my IRL work this weekend! A nail biter of a race with draft stronger than a hurricane, surely challenging the Floridian weather. Ralph Cunninan showing he deserves his place in the top 10 with some excellent driving as a notable performance in this race

Race 2 saw the top 10 reverse grid play into an excellent development, as the championship leaders for the Pros saw themselves starting down the field, Craig Jones in the AMs saw himself get the perfect grid as Steve unfortunately finished outside the top 10 in race 1! Like any other UK Sim Racers race, the racing was tight and the collisions were spectacular as Pete was involved in turn one! Finding himself climbing back from P11 as Momo deploy their strategy, of course towards the end of race 2, we see Pete and Van Gool side by side for the millionth time this season!

Race 3 saw the AMs championship heating up! As Craig was one of the six cars battling for the lead of the race! As Steve was a little down the field, Craig knew this was his best chance of securing the points and the lead of the championship going into the final race of the season, but right as he was settling into it, the famous Daytona Big One happened, taking out 5 cars from the race, as Craig goes into Survival mode avoiding the collision, Steve handsford is able to use this to gain 6 positions and closing the gap between the two into the final, and tense race of the season!

Race 4 saw tensions boil over in one of the closest and marvellous series of the season as the leaders for the AMs came together for a title deciding collision! It saw our Pro driver claim his championship convincingly in the context! And the Am’s shrouded in drama due to an unfortunate collision between them, and with another 4 wide collision we don’t have the time to get into, it’s more than worth the watch throughout!

Onto Thursday where we had the UKSR PCup finale at Oulton Park with Both Chicanes, going into this we had 5 people potentially able to win the championship, albeit some had more chance than others, James Parker was leading into the final 2 races with Austin Greatorex closely behind

As we went into race 1, we had Greatorex in first, Austin Wiliam Campell (AWC) in second and James Parker in third. Unfortunately AWC had a rough time this week and just wasn’t able to get the car settled, leading between a 15 minute long battle between the championship leaders, this race had everything, close battles, drama, maths with Matty Wilde updating the championship throughout the race live in the chat.

Going into the final race, Greatorex and Parker starting 8th and 7th respectively, Parker only needed 4th place go guarantee victory due to a 23 point lead, this of course meant Greatorex had to to finish first to stand a chance, Austin would come in to the race blazing with some of the best driving I’ve seen in a Pcup car! Parker was also trying to follow, leading to some very scary moments for Parker in the wild Pcup car. A must watch for any PCup fans!

You can watch it right hereTwitch TV

A day later we have travelled to Germany, for round 6 of the of the FBL Sprint Radical League, in the famous and terrifying Nordschleife. With 6 minute lap times, and still only a 0.01 second gap between the top two, you just know this race was gonna be a good one from the start! Treated with a 22 car grid for the final race of the season. And if that isn’t enough to treat you, how about some singing of “Lion Sleeps Tonight”? This race truly had it all, fantastic battles through the race as well as some unfortunate crashes. Nordschleife always delivers and this time it did in spades, this one even treated us to a surprise winner, good luck predicting the winner from the grid, and heart goes out to Andrew Horsewood.

In terms of the championship this race, it was always a virtually impossible task to dethrone Denis Kiriakopoulos due to his stellar performances throughout the season so far, but a certain Ola Braaten did his best finishing up the championship with a 7 point lead for Denis so going into next race it’s a lot closer!

Video Link: Youtube

Moving onto Saturday, a brilliant treat for you all, I am commentating some drag racing from Santapod, meaning not only did you have virtual drag racing at Daytona earlier but now literal drag racing from the NSRA Nostalgia Nationals, featuring stunning cars in a UK typical weather situation, just hearing the sounds of the engines makes you want to be there live! But in the meantime feel free to watch the video of the day below, bare in mind due to weather and trackworks there was a bit of a delay in parts.

Finally, to top off the week we have a stellar GT3 race for you from the one and only Donnington, with three people all standing a chance at winning, within 6 points of each other!
As the first race started, the top 3 in the championship were in the top 4 on the grid, telling us this is going to be a stellar race. And of course when the race started, this didn’t let off, for the entire race the championship leaders were within 1.5 seconds of each other for the majority of the race, truly a stellar watch with a great last lap battle

The second race was not without drama either, featuring possibly the best pass you’ll ever see at Donington between 2 championship leaders and multiple changes in those leaders during the race! This race also had a few surprises as one of our leaders gets disqualified and we have a surprise leader throughout half of the race.

Video Link: Twitch TV

So that’s it from me for this week and with coming up next season will be some more fantastic racing, drama and brilliant sportsmanship. As always take care, have a great week and I might see you on the track sometime.

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