Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #63


Women in sim racing here at simrace247 continues with our weekly blog from Yvonne Houffelaar. Let’s catch up with her for blog #63.

Women in sim racing continues with our resident female sim racing blogger Yvonne Houffelaar. After a short holiday, Yvonne is back to racing action.

Welcome to my sixty-third weekly blog!!

Coach Dave Academy 1000
On Saturday 04-06-2022, was the second round of the Coach Dave Academy (CDA) 1000, 6 hours at Nurburgring. I drove together with April Carlsveld and Sophie Aeronwen. Sophie and I had a great holiday, and we arrived back in the early morning and drove all night back to NL. We had a little bit of rest in the morning, and after that, we were practicing. We started P38 out of 45 cars, Silver and AM class were driving together, and we are driving in the AM class. Sophie had a good start and gained some positions. Unfortunately, Sophie had a disconnect in her first stint, which means we were 4 laps behind, and last. We decided to give it all, and see where we end up. After some good stints, we managed to finish P37 and 10th in class!! Not a bad result, with a disconnect. I drove 2 stints, my second stint was a lot better, more confidence in the car and I had a little bit of my “old” driving style back! Which made me very happy, after 4 months of not driving on Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC), I lost some confidence and didn’t have a great feeling that I had before. Hopefully, with more practice, it will be back, and I drive at my “old” pace again!

Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer
On Sunday 05-06-2022, was round 9 of the Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer, 3 races at Spa Francorchamps. I qualified at P14, with the medium tire, which I also drove in the first race on. I had some good and clean fights, some help from RA_Shinner, with bump drafting on the straights. I enjoyed the race, and I finished P8. In the second race, I was on the Super Soft tire, more grip means better lap times and race pace. I had a good pace, and some great fights, I had the feeling I could end up P2. Unfortunately, there was a divebomb the second last lap, which I could avoid, but lost a lot of places. I couldn’t gain anymore, because I was avoiding the incident I had dirty tires, I finished P9, and I couldn’t get the extra lap in, to gain places. In Grant Turismo Sport (GTS), it’s a timer and does not depend on when the leader is going into the final lap. In the third race, I thought that I took someone out on Eu Rouge, I let the whole field pass by and I thought also the driver that I hit. When I looked back at the replay, I hit him softly, and he didn’t crash. I thought it was another driver, this cost me a lot of time and places. I still had some good pace, and fights, I drove back from P14 to P9. There were a lot better results in it, especially the second and third race. The last race of this season is Sunday 12-06-2022.

Race Replay:

Disabled Sim Racer to Disabled Track Racer
On Monday 16-05-2022, I needed to go for my racing medical. I passed my racing medical, and I can go further for my racing license!! I was a bit worried, about the medical exam, because my health is not very good. When I passed, I was very happy (still very happy now), and now it’s going further! On the 30th of June, I’m going for my racing license!!! I’m looking forward to it, and I’m very excited about it! There are a lot of track days coming up, all in practice, for the first race 31st of July, at Snetterton. Do you want to be part of this special project, you can email to [email protected] and see what the great options are!

Upcoming races:

  • 08-06-2022 : SLP European Tour Round 1 @ Brands Hatch
  • 11-06-2022 : RCI World Tour Round 5, 6 hours @ Barcelona
  • 12-06-2022 : Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer Final Round @ Fuji Short

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