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CMS rFactor 2 League Weekly Update Sim Racing Report

Photo Credits: Daniel Kirby

Our great sim racing league partner CMS keeps the community up to date and posted on their racing in rFactor 2.

CMS keeps the sim racing community informed on how the racing has been through the past week in their rFactor 2 leagues. Covering a selection of races and different disciplines, CMS knows what it takes to keep this community vibrant and ever growing.

The CMS rF2 Week in Review: Mountjoy and Kirby Double Winners at Trembling Mountain.

The single rF2 event at CMS this week was the double sprint night at Trembling Mountain for the Radical series at NARS. As with Toban the week before, the twisting nature of this track, based on Mount Tremblant, was a real leveling agent between the two classes, putting them almost on equal footing.

Qualifying set the tone for the entire race meeting as none of the GT3 drivers were able to put themselves ahead of the SR3s driven by the PROs. AM driver Tom Mountjoy slotted into P3 in the qualifying with a 1:34.500, well shy of the 1:32.880 set by Daniel Kirby to take the overall pole.

R1 saw P2 Eduardo Beninca off track almost as soon as the race had started with a long recovery drive ahead of him while Kirby had his own difficulties shortly thereafter. Mountjoy, driving a smoothly consistent pace, catapulted into the lead and then calmly held of the challenges of Kirby and a resurgent Beninca. After 30 minutes of furious action, Mountjoy could claim only a 2s margin over Kirby for the AM and overall win, while Kirby’s PRO win was only 3s clear of Beninca.

R2 picked up where R1 left off, with some furious interclass racing in the opening laps. Starting on a grid reversed from the R1 results, the GT3s proved difficult to overtake, often with a mistake by the AMs under pressure that opened up the space for the PROs putting them under pressure. AM drivers Tom Nasella, Adrian Wong and PRO Colin Moore all had their turns at the front of the field before PRO Daniel Kirby moved into the lead, never to relinquish it.

After an early difficulty that lost him the overall and AM lead, Tom Nasella drove himself back into P2 and the AM lead once more until another off sent him down the order once more, an unlucky turn of events from some promising racing. At the checkered flag, it was Kirby for the overall and PRO win, with Mountjoy taking a patiently-won P3 overall and AM win.

This coming week, the MNRL is back in action with the Datsun 510s at Riverside while NARS travels to Vancouver and the Indycar circuit and some street track action for the Radicals.

CMS is a community of racers at all levels of skill with a wide variety of tastes in motorcar racing where you are guaranteed to find strong fields and fair racing across all the most popular racing sims on the market.

You can catch all the action on the race streams on the CMS Youtube channel.


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