AssettoCorsaFriends Mods Racing Community

Come and be part of the AssettoCorsaFriends racing community where casual racing with mods is all part of the fun.

AssettoCorsaFriends is the place to be if you enjoy racing with a whole variety of mods. Brought together by a group of people who are passionate about sim racing and the good old recipe of fun. Add a blend of great variety and cars brought together on the racetrack, free roam, or hill climb and you have ACF. If it involves great mods from past and present from the Assetto Corsa mod community, you can guarantee ACF will be there racing them.

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As we mentioned, first and foremost, this is about fun, sure we all like a good race and challenge, but if all you care about is beating people, then maybe it is not for you. This community is built on fun racing, casual racing, and more. Sure, rules apply within their racing, but not like a lot of leagues, we are happy to support AssettoCorsaFriends here at simrace247. So if you are a racer who enjoys casual racing and chilling out with like minded people, visit AssettoCorsaFriends.

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About Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is a popular sim racing title on PC and gaming consoles such as Playstation and Xbox. Modding of cars tracks and more are allowed on PC and features some very enjoyable and interesting content for the community to check out.