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AMR DANI3L SimRace247 Weekly Blog #20

AMR DANI3L SimRace247 Weekly Blog #20

AMR Dani3l drops by with his weekly blog talking about his races and events, whats coming up, and more here at simrace247.

Stay up to date with AMR Dani3l here at simrace247, check out what races and events are coming, and see how the past week has been for him whilst sim racing. Daniel hits the 20 blog marker, a great achievement. Tenacity and momentum is what shall prevail, keep it up Dan, “NEVER GIVE UP”.

Hello sim racers of the world-wide interweb and welcome to blog number 20 (already) for It feels great to have achieved this milestone already. Massive thank you to everyone who’s been kind enough to have read some or all of my blogs to date. I really appreciate it. I hope that you’re all doing very well and had a magnificent week?

Today, I have more sim racing action to talk about with all the streams I went live with over this past week. It has been a mixed one in general, with some success and some trying moments. But, no matter the situation and how bad things can occur, one motto that I always like to share with everyone is to “Never Give Up”. Because you never know what can happen. That’s the exciting thing about racing as well as life, knowing how unpredictable it all can be. Without any further delay, let’s talk you through every race and every stream.

Monday 23rd May – RCI British Masters Championship Round 1 at Oulton Park

Starting with Monday’s action, we had the opening round of the RCI British Masters Championship from the circuit of Oulton Park. A very demanding circuit for the giant GT3 machines in Assetto Corsa Competizione. I’ve always stated that driving GT3 cars at Oulton is like piloting a school bus around a Go-Kart track. It’s certainly one of the most demanding challenges that we face in ACC.

After claiming victory earlier in the year around the venue in the BoA eSports GT3 Series, I was determined to try and repeat that success in this new championship. But, if the pre-qualifying times were anything to go by, my gut feeling was that this was going to be a fiercely close and fought out championship. And sure enough, qualifying for Oulton was very close. Thankfully, I saved the best for last as I was able to snatch pole position for the upcoming race in the very last seconds of the session. But it was close. Just 23 hundredths of a second separated myself and the fellow Aston Martin in second place of Steven Van Kampen.

At the start, everything went accordingly. I managed to keep the lead on the exit of Turn 1, Old Hall. I knew in my mind that Oulton Park is a track which is almost impossible to overtake. No matter how close Steven was in my rear view mirror, as long as I remained focussed and kept the car on the tarmac ahead of me, I knew that the chance of a good result was possible. I didn’t need to worry too much as I was able to pull away from the cars behind.

After one hour of exhaustive racing around Oulton, I was able to claim the race victory by just over 16 seconds which is a fantastic start to our championship campaign.

If you want to rewatch the entirely of this race, here is the live stream for you to rewatch to see how I was able to take the chequered flag around Oulton Park.

Tuesday 24th May – What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? Episode 5: Sachsenring

After a great start to the week with the RCI event at Oulton, it was then time to switch focus and prepare for a more chilled out stream with episode 5 of my “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?” series. For this episode, we tackled a circuit which is most famous in this modern age of motorsport for being the home of the German Grand Prix in the Moto GP Championship. But which has hosted car racing as well with the ADAC German Masters series. The track in question this time is the Sachsenring.

I must be honest, before I went live with this episode, I’ve never actually driven around the Sachsenring before in any sim racing title. And it was more of a challenge to get to grips with, especially with the twisty first sector of the lap. I spent more times in the gravel traps than I did on the asphalt of the circuit. It did take time to master.

But once I got to grips with the Sachsenring, I really enjoyed the track immensely and the experiment was certainly a very intriguing one to complete. If you want to find out what happened during this latest episode, you can rewatch the stream right here.

Wednesday 25th May – RDC Sprintathon Series Races 3 & 4 at Paul Ricard

After the fun of Tuesday, it was then time to pretend to be excited about competing around Paul Ricard (worst track ever) for the second round of the Rapid Drivers Club Sprintathon Championship. Whether it was the circuit or other factors were involved, but compared to round 1, the attendances for this race were a little low. Only 7 drivers (including yours truly) had taken to the start of this event which is a bit of a shame. Even though we were competing at Paul Ricard, the cars for this round which we were all piloting was the Ferrari 488 Challenge. Compared to a GT3, these cars are harder to control which makes it very exciting. And the two races were exactly that despite the venue not being ideal.

The first race didn’t go accordingly as I qualified 6th after the rain started to fall as I was on my best qualifying lap. So, it was a case of trying my very best to recover the situation and produce the best result possible. If I was able to get second place, or even somehow managed P1, that would be a brilliant result. But unfortunately, I was involved in 2 incidents during the first race. In the first 4 minutes, going through the penultimate corner, the second placed car of Steele continued to turn into my car which resulted in contact and sent us off track.
Then, only another 4 minutes later, I was collected in the rear by Landreth after I made my way back up to P4. After that, it was impossible to catch the top 2 on tires which were shot after the incidents and the gap was too large in the short amount of time that was left.

Thankfully, I was able to place the car on pole position for the second race, but the bad news was that I had no new sets of dry tires left. So, I had to do the entirety of race 2 on tires that had already done a few laps. The grip wasn’t there at all. I literally had to extract every bit of talent I had to keep myself ahead of the second-place driver, Alex Numes. But somehow, I managed to pull it off and claim the win by just over 2 tenths of a second.

If you folks want to rewatch the stream, including the epic second race, you can view the race meeting right here.

Friday 27th May – Low Fuel Motorsport Mission: Escape Rookies (Part 2)

There was no rally stream on Thursday this time around as I celebrated my 21st Birthday again. I wish! Ha Ha! I recently turned 36 years of age in case you’re wondering, so I decided to take the day off to spend it with my family.

Once the mini celebrations were complete, it was time to return to racing for the final time in the week on Friday with my second venture with Low Fuel Motorsports. Sadly, the track of choice for us rookies was for the second time this week, Paul Ricard. I thought “REALLY? Why do I have to endure this track once more? Once is too much to bear!” Oh well. I was determined to go ahead anyway and see what kind of results I could produce.

For this stream, I decided to ditch the Aston and drive the Audi R8 LMS EVO 2. I wasn’t expecting any major results from a track I don’t get along with. Sure enough, in qualifying for the first race, I was only able to qualify 3rd on the grid and half a second away from pole position.

The race was a little better but it could have been an opportunity to win it as the race leading BMW received a late drive through penalty for excessive track limits. If I wasn’t overtaken by the second placed Bentley a couple of laps earlier, I could have inherited the win. But I was still happy to finish in second place with the little preparation I had with the Audi.

The second and final race of the stream was a little more unfortunate and very eventful. The bad luck started in qualifying when I invalidated my best effort after running wide on circuit so I ended up starting P6. The start was ok and for the first half of the race, I worked my way back up to P4 and then chasing down P3. But, 2 on track incidents meant that I dropped further back and finished in P5. It meant that my safety rating had taken a bit of a beating so the journey of escaping the rookie license continues into next Friday’s stream.

If you want to rewatch this eventful stream at Paul Ricard, you can view the stream here.


As you can see, we have a very packed schedule for this week with a total of 5 streams spreading from Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June. So, let’s tell you about everything incoming for this week.

On Monday, we will have the second round of the RCI British Masters Championship from the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone. After an absolute perfect start by winning the opening round at Oulton Park, can we repeat that success and make it two victories in two races? Fingers crossed I can pull it off.


On Tuesday, we will have our next fun stream with the sixth episode of my “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?” series. This time, we’ll be pitching the F1, F2 and F3 cars around a circuit which is very familiar to those who play ACC and which is also a drivers favourite. It’s one of many wonderful circuits in Italy which is very ideal for single seater racing. But with all three categories together? We’ll wait and see what’s install. But the track in question this time is Misano.


Wednesday will see the penultimate round of the Rapid Drivers Club 2point4 World Tour from the circuit of Zandvoort. This will be a real challenge for so many reasons. But two that I can share is the narrow nature of the circuit and also the fact I haven’t driven around the venue for a very long time. But it’ll be one I will relish.

After missing out on race victory in controversial circumstances last time around at Imola, could this be my redemption and clinch victory or at least secure another podium finish? I’m determined that this will be a good event.


Rallying will be making a return to the channel on Thursday as I’ll be tackling my latest community event in DiRT Rally 2.0. This time around, we’ll be tackling the awesome tarmac stages of Spain in the old WRC category vehicles. For the second rally stream in a row, I’ll be driving my hero, Colin McRae’s 1998 Subaru Impreza S4 WRC. I really enjoyed throwing that car around the dusty stages of Australia in the most recent Mastercup event. I’m extremely excited to drive this car again. I cannot wait to get stuck into it.


For the final stream of the week, I’ll be tackling some more daily races with Low Fuel Motorsport as I continue my quest to finally escape the rookie license one and for all. But will I finally be able to achieve that in this stream or will the journey continue?


If you want to, please be sure to follow me on Twitch for my live streams as well as subscribe to my Youtube channel for future video projects. You can also join our DiRT Rally 2.0 club for fun, monthly rally events and see how you fair against other members of the community.

That’s about wraps things up for this week’s blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!


Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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