Jack Keithley Williams Racing Factory Tour Exclusive

Jack Keithley Williams Racing Factory Tour Exclusive

Days out do not get better than this, we catch up with Jack Keithley after his Williams Racing Factory tour and see some outstanding pictures.

Our great friend and Williams Racing Esports pro racer Jack Keithley had a dream visit to the Williams Racing Factory, we catch up with him and see some memorable race cars from his visit and tour.

For those who may not know, Jack Keithley is a professional Esports sim racer for Williams and one of the most tenacious and metronomic racers you will come up against. He is relentless with his sim racing and a huge lover of motorsport. His recent visit to the Williams Racing Factory needs no introduction, steeped in history, and where legends are immortalized. We thank Jack and those at Williams Esports (who I have been in contact with) for allowing us here at simrace247 to publish this article, check it out and support this Great British Sim Racer.

Darren B “Hey Jack, great to hear from you, how have you been ?”.

Jack Keithley: “Been pretty good thank you. Been doing some practising on RaceRoom and ACC but nothing too crazy. After a pretty crazy first few months, I am happy to take a few weeks off to chill and take a step back and breathe after what felt like every day was a complete rush. I am pretty happy right now.”

Darren B: “A little bird told me you had a special visit planned for the Williams Racing Factory, what an honour”.

Jack Keithley: “Oh yes, that has been done and dusted but it was one of the best days outs I have had in my life and to bring my dad with me, it’s something we will both carry with us forever!”

Darren B: “As a fan of motorsport and sim racing, what kinds of emotions were you feeling on your visit, for many including myself, it is sacred ground”.

Jack Keithley: “Well, for years, I had seen many people posting online the museum cars and I have watched the cars race on TV and youtube for years and years. But to be there, able to touch the tyres connected to these extremely famous cars. I got goosebumps, I nearly wanted to cry with what I was surrounded with. I must have taken over 100 pictures. It was very therapeutic just looking around at the history of Williams Racing.”

Darren B: “The cars have changed over the years, but we all have our favourites, which one was it for you. I thought I would throw a tough question at you, you can only choose one”.

Jack Keithley: “How dare you ask me that lol… that is like asking me to pick between what kid of mine is my favourite… I do not have kids though haha. I think it will have to be the 1997 Williams car driven by Jacques Villeneuve. The first F1 car I remember when I was just 5 years old watching the season review of that year on ITV and the look of that car is absolutely iconic to me.”

Darren B: “With this special visit, your motivation must be high at Williams Esports”.

Jack Keithley: “It’s always been high being here but it’s certainly a welcome boost being able to go there and not only to the museum but the Esport lounge! I mean…. if I could, I would live there!”

Darren B: “We see the sim rig setups at the factory, how did the session go, no pressure :)”.

Jack Keithley: “It went very smoothly, what helps is that I have the exact same equipment at home. So if I wanted, I could do a race at that factory and my pace would be exactly the same. I drove a few different cars, mainly on rFactor 2 but it was great fun and time just flew by on the sim!”

Darren B: “As we can see, so many amazing pictures were taken, which will be framed ?”.

Jack Keithley: “Oh boy. Good question, I think Senna’s 1994 car. A beautiful machine and as much as I hate smoking and the concept of it, it’s very hard to think of any race car that looks better than a Rothmans Williams F1 car.”

Darren B: “The Esports team mentality must have had a boost from this visit, how are they all ?”

Jack Keithley: “They are all very good, got to meet Javi Guerra and Steven English and it was a long time coming. They were happy I was there and I was happy to see them. If they asked me to come back tomorrow, I would make sure I am on my way there. This is one of the very few Esport teams where when you join it, you are part of decades and decades of history that is timeless. I would not change it for anything”

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