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Welcome To “The Sauna” The Simulator Testing Room At Asetek SimSports

Welcome To “The Sauna” The Simulator Testing Room At Asetek SimSports

” The Sauna” Asetek SimSports simulator testing room is where Christian Damm is in charge of user scenario testing and fault finding.

Our advertorial coverage continues for Asetek SimSports, this time we visit “The Sauna”, the testing room for the racing simulator and equipment. Christian Damm is in charge of the simulation and development at Asetek SimSports, a key job that guarantees your products have gone through testing and multiple processes, ensuring the final product meets the requirements of Asetek SimSports.

Like all of the processing stages at Asetek SimSports, the products they make and have in the sim racing genre are built on the mantra of ” Performance, Precision and Passion”. This is something that is echoed through every department at Asetek, it is essential and the Sauna is no different.

Christian Damm is certainly the man for the job at the sauna, having been part of the Ferrari Engineering Academy in their ERS (Energy Recovery System) department for the Ferrari F1 team, his experience and technical knowledge as well as a passion for sim racing ticks many boxes as a perfect fit at Asetek SimSports. The department that Chrisitan works in is nicknamed “The Sauna” because it literally has no air conditioning.

The Sauna

Having multiple sim rigs and PC’s in the room packed with large and super ultra wide monitors and equipment, is a fitting name for it. Even though Christian has a wealth of technical knowledge, he likes to test the equipment from a user’s point of view and replicate real world scenarios from a gamer/sim racers perspective for hours upon end, not a bad job if I may say so. Along with the physical side of testing, the software is also put through its passes to iron out any glitches or bugs that arise.

Christian firmly believes that there is a lack of real world motorsport knowledge and expertise implemented into the sim racing genre with other brands. At Asetek SimSports, it is one of the key factors that harmonizes this and merges the two together, they firmly believe that the knowledge and technical expertise of real world motorsport is one of the stand out traits at Asetek.

Here We See How A Racing Simulator Is Installed In The Sauna

Christian also believes in the ergonomics of comfort and positioning whilst in the sim rig, many will buy products for sim racing but do not know how to adjust accordingly. Every person is built differently with stature, height, weight, etc. Christian goes through some useful tips on setting up your body position and how to adjust your equipment to give a feel that is more ergonomic and less stressful reducing aches and pains, great stuff Christian!

As usual, we thank those at Asetek SimSports for allowing simrace247 to be an advertorial partner, it has been a great insight with coverage and information that has been useful to those in the sim racing community.

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