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Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #17

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #17

We catch up with Eliza Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. She is a great person to check out in the sim racing community. Be sure to support and follow!

Eliza Indriani keeps us posted with her weekly women in sim racing blogs, detailing all the events, streams and more. Be sure to check out her socials provided.

Hello everyone, welcome to my 17th blog! How are you all? Hope you’re doing well and healthy.  My week has been amazing! I am so excited to share my sim racing journey with you all! I got a chance to race in 24 hours of Spa last Saturday, and it was the best moment ever! Alright without any further due let’s get to it!

RCI World Tour – 24 Hours of Spa

On Saturday I was invited to join a 24 hours race by Yvonne. Thank you very much Yvonne for such a great opportunity! Being in a 24 hours race is one of my targets this year. This race meant a lot to me.

Spa is my favorite track! I couldn’t say no to it. Well, I didn’t have much time to practice, we were driving the Bentley. I only got 2 days to get used to the Bentley. I mainly drive the Mc Laren, driving Bentley felt so different from my point of view. I took extra hours, I even canceled some of my races to prepare myself for this 24 hours race.

I was overthinking about this race, like.. what if I did bad? But Yvonne said I should not worry too much, just be consistent and keep the car on track. Being consistent is one of my specialties, I always tried to be consistent in every race and drive safely. So on the race day, I was teaming up with Sara Dove, Esmeralda Van Der Naald, and Philippa. Sara and Esmeralda are pro drivers. We were racing in MFR S4, Sara was in Pro class, and Esmeralda was in Silver class. I can say they are my seniors. So it was such an honor to team up with them. I haven’t raced with Philippa before, this was the first time I met her on track.

These girls were so fast! Especially Philippa, she’s fast, aggressive, and smart! I adore her so much. I want to be good like her. I feel a bit intimidated not gonna lie, these girls are fast, and I’m the slowest driver on the team, haha. But they supported me and taught me to be confident and take the racing line, I won’t survive the race without their support. Plus, this is a big event, and I was racing at a higher level of competition.

My first stint was kinda a disaster I must say. Track was wet, and I wasn’t used to driving a Bentley on a wet track. I tried my best to drive safely and not send the car off the track. Philippa was driver of the day, she’s the real MVP! We managed to get to the top 10. It’s a long race, anything can happen. This was the first time I drove for 6 hours, It was a long day (and also the longest stream ever). I didn’t get enough sleep while waiting for my next stint, I couldn’t sleep. What if my team needs me? So I decided to stay awake and spectate my teammates, and give support. In endurance races, I think it is important to give your teammates emotional support and keep everyone in a good mood. You need to be on top conditions to drive well and be consistent.

I’m glad I did pretty great on my last 2 stints, night race is my absolute favorite. I can do it all day. My viewers said that I was in my element, and I was more aggressive driving at night than when I was driving during the day. Maybe driving at night is my specialty. Although I was so tired and sleepy, I can keep my focus on the track.

At the end we finished at P11, not the result we wanted for sure. But I learned a lot from this race. I tried not to keep talking down about myself, this was my first 24 hours race. Of course there is still a lot to learn. Tire management, energy saving, more time to prepare, etc. I will definitely do my best next time, and I’m looking forward to another endurance race!

You can watch the full race on my Twitch, but I can’t reupload it to Youtube because it takes forever to upload it. But you can still watch it to see how the race went.


LFM Stream

On Wednesday, I was doing a Low Fuel Motorsport stream, this week’s race is in Suzuka, one of my favorite tracks. This was the first time I’m doing a LFM stream, I haven’t got a chance to drive in LFM events because I was busy with my races and stuff. I done 2 races, unfortunately there were not much drivers joined the session. The first race there was only 5 drivers, I finished at P3. The second race was only me and the other one. I am expecting more drivers joining the session, maybe I will do my race earlier next time.

But my LFM stream was nice! I got a chance to talk with my viewers, I didn’t do a lot of taking before because I was too focused on my race. But this LFM races were more chill, it’s always nice to have a little chat with them. From now on I will stream at night central time because I’m working at noon. But don’t worry, I still have some races in the afternoon central time, so my viewers and my friends who live in Europe can still watch and join my stream.

Next week I will have a lot of races at Spa (like, 3 days in a row) and another race at Suzuka. Make sure to follow me on Twitch to get the notifications of my stream, and don’t be shy to say hi on the chat! Would love to have a chat with you all.



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