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Sim Coaches American Made Sim Racing Equipment

Sim Coaches American Made Sim Racing Equipment

Sim Coaches, an American sim racing equipment brand that is made through the love of racing, hard work, and a lifetime warranty.

Sim Coaches, another fantastic brand in the sim racing genre recognizes the hard work we do here at Simrace247. It is with great pleasure to give brand exposure to these rather unique manufacturers of sim racing equipment. If your daily job involves working next to a race track with the sound of thundering engines on a daily basis making car parts and sim racing equipment, well, that gets my vote.

Having spoken with Lawrence, Co founder of Sim Coaches, we recognized the importance of great sim racing equipment made by people who are passionate about cars and sim racing. He really is a great guy that is in tune with what matters and what people require, you get the sense that he and his team are not only there to work, but enjoy what they do.

Lawrence Sim Coaches – “Sim Coaches was started by two dudes that absolutely love racing. We both grew up racing from our adolescence on so it was something that was built into us. Originally, we did it just to make equipment that felt better to us. We were tired of the options that were out there and saw a gap that we could close better then some of the other options. Today, our goal is to provide racers with the tools they need to win their races”.

“Whether that’s better pedals so you can drive deeper into the corners or maybe a handbrake that’ll give you more control over your rear tires… Our entire existence is predicated on us building extremely high quality stuff and giving racers a lifetime warranty to back it up. Simrace247 provides us with a really amazing opportunity and platform to reach more racers. Through our partnership, we expect to help sim racers world wide reach their full potential anytime they’re on the track”.

Be sure to check them out today, and feel the power of American made sim racing equipment.

Sim Coaches

Who is on the team? 

Sim Coaches is made up of 7 people right now. As time goes on, we are continuing to add members to our team to help us grow and support our customers. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada just outside of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

What are the goals?

Innovation is our #1 driver. When we released our very first product, our P1 Pro Pedals, they were very basic. As time has gone on, we’ve upgraded them to be equipped as the best hydraulic pedals on the market. We come from that same mindset with everything we do.

As time goes on, we continue to upgrade and innovate until we have the best product offered for you. In the future, we aim to have the entire product line up available to you. From pedals, wheels, wheel bases, shifters, handbrakes, cockpits, turn-key builds, button boxes and more.

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