Simrace247 HyperX Photo Competition Winner!

Simrace247 HyperX Photo Competition Winner!

Another great Simrace247 photo competition, the winner will receive the all new HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset.

What a fantastic photo competition we had here at simrace247, the prize is the new HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset. We thank all those that took part and sent in their pictures as well as Official Gaming Peripheral Partner HyperX for providing the prize.  Enough of me doing the intro stuff, you are here because you will want to know if you have won. We had different categories and racing titles that were eligible. Firstly we like to show some great pictures before we announce the category winners, and the overall prize winning entry.


  • Best Action
  • Best Atmosphere
  • Crazy Shunt/Crash
  • Best Overall Photo & Prize Winner

Best Action Shot

Close & Fair Racing By Arthisins

Best Atmosphere Shot

This Shot By Daffa Harits Is Superb

Best Crazy Shunt/Crash

Macau By Ghazy Azhar

These winning category pictures are absolutely fantastic, Arthisins captivates track racing with his great Action shot, and Daffa Harits shows that atmosphere is not all about high speed, with his off road picture. Ghazy Azhar captivates the carnage at Macau, a sight we have seen many times across different motorsport disciplines.

The winner of the Simrace247 HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset

This picture by Daffa Harits is like no other we have seen before, capturing the off road vibe with other vehicles is fantastic, it reminds me of the famous Dakar rally where vehicles race in the most intense conditions and terrain. Racing is not always about being the fastest or choosing the most popular series, it is about choosing your own path and enjoying it! Thank you to everyone who joined and participated, we will have another competition in the near future, until then, enjoy your racing. Simrace247