James Parfitt Broadcasting Sim Racing Update 17/05/22

James Parfitt Broadcasting Sim Racing Update 17/05/22

James Parfitt Broadcasting has another busy week ahead with his sim racing commentating across the genre.

James Parfitt is a commentator, producer and founder of his broadcasting channel in the sim racing genre. He is currently commentating for some iRacing leagues but is also available to be contacted for more broadcasting and commentating, check him out.

Well guys what can I say about this week, its been a manic one and I have loved it.

We kick of as we always do on a Tuesday evening, with the UKSimracers MX5 League and this week we visited Brands Hatch. So, the race was incredible as it always is in the amazing league, with Steve Hefford, Pete van Gool and Daniel Hunt providing us with an epic scrape for 2nd place, swapping places all the way through and with eventual winner Pete Newman out in front it left 2nd Place up for grabs.

So to race 2 and with a top 17 reverse grid it meant race 1 winner Pete Newman started in 17th, and once again the racing did not disappoint with battling for 1st place going down to the last 2 laps between 4 cars Daniel Hunt, Jamie Ayres, Pete Newman and Pete van Gool, with contact between the 2 Pete’s it left Ayres and Hunt battling till the line, now the twist in this story is Hunt had pedal failure one corner from the line and this Jamie Ayres to take the victory.

Race 3 and contact with Ralph Cullinan and Martin Sampson at the end of lap 1 this left Pete van Gool and Steve Hefford battling for the lead, Hunt decided he wanted to be apart of the battle and by lap 8 of 10 it was a three way, Hefford, Hunt and van Gool battling for the lead this went on for the last 2 laps and then the twist happened and Pete Van Gool got overtaken by Jamie Ayres to finish in 4th and the race was won by Steve Hefford and Daniel Hunt was 2nd.

As we go into race 4 the book was being written by Jamie Ayres who was on 3 for 3 in podiums over the first 3 races, so can he make it 4 for 4 well as I write this I think back how this finished, All I can say is it didn’t go so well and the 4 for 4 didn’t happen but guys go back and have a watch here:https://youtu.be/ZlVsixEX50s

With no work on Wednesday and Thursday I enjoyed 2 days watching films with the wife, but then the weekend hit and well it was a different story. Friday I was back at it with the FBL Radical Sprint League from Watkins Glen and John Mchutchison showing us in quali why he was leading the championship with him taking pole with a 139.256, so the race well it should be Mchutchisons pulls away and wins the race well that didn’t happen as Ola Bratten had other ideas.

It was them 2 drivers battling all the way through the race and I must say it was some of the best radical driving I have ever seen, close together for 30 minutes and gaps not going below 1 second surely this couldn’t end up with both drivers finishing the race. This whole race was filled with action and literally there was battles all the way through the field right to the very last lap. So, James you ask how did it turn out well Mchutchison took the win and Bratten in 2nd and with the gap being only 0.677 as they crossed the line, it was one race not to be forgotten. The link for this is below and trust me when I say there will be no disappointment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhpM55cnRaQ

Saturday was working getting ready for Sunday as I was of to the real world for commentary at Clay Pigeon Karting Circuit in Dorchester early Sunday Morning and really all I can say here is 5 hours of epic racing and races being decided by the change in weather it was a full day of racing that shouldn’t be missed. So I will give you the link for that here, and trust me when I say look out for the Iame Cadet Final about 4 hours in as this was one race that should be watched.

Sunday day time complete and then I was back home for the FBL Radical Endurance League again from Watkins Glen, 90 mins of Radical action that did not disappoint, Denis Kiriakopoulos taking the victory by 17 sec but don’t let that stop you watching it back, because there was some epic racing all the way through this race, but here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuqJ0-Dwjg8&t=4s  and you can enjoy 90 mins like I did of action.

But that’s it from me guys for this week, I’m back commentating on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday this week so another busy one and I look forward to telling you about it next week.
That’s Me signing of take and have a safe week.

James Parfitt