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Hello folks, with the closing of event 3, Argentina’s been such a blast and incredibly difficult as drivers raced along the cliff sides of Argentina. We’ve had some incredible stage times set, along with drivers falling victim to the mountain sides with terminal damage. Over 21 drivers entered the event, only 13 driver’s where able to survive to the end. Congrats to our drivers who survived to the end, for those of us (including myself) that ended with terminal damage we have a chance to redeem ourselves in event 4. Event 4 sees us competing in the first DLC based event, as we find ourselves in Australia behind the wheel of the 2000cc car class. Drivers will have a great choice of cars to choose from Peugeot, Ford, Citroen, Subaru and Skoda.

Standings Link: MasterCup C03E04 2022 Stats

We’ve also added a link where you can track your progress in our events, this contains a detailed view of standings and much more. With the closing of event 3 the overall standings changed so much, with such incredibly close battles between drivers.

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