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CMS rFactor 2 League Weekly Update Sim Racing Report

Photo Credits: Daniel Kirby

Our sim racing league partner CMS keeps the community up to date and posted on the events over the past week they have had in rFactor 2.

CMS keeps the sim racing community informed on how the racing has been through the past week in their rFactor 2 leagues. This week, we have a catch up on the race at Road America.

The CMS rF2 Week in Review: Going the Distance at Road America

It was a relatively quiet week at CMS for rF2 racing as both the MNRL and VWSC get ready for one of the highlights of their WSC 1991 seasons – Lemans!

This past week, NARS continued their Radical GT3/SR3 series with a stop at Elkhart Lake and the first of the enduro races. A venue very familiar to CMS racers, anticipation was high for some keen competition in the two classes

AM driver Paul Ibbotson set the pace with a 2:05.068 in his GT3, almost a second clear of his closest competitor. In the SR3s, with a 2:08.746, PRO Daniel Kirby just edged out Eduardo Beninca.

While Road America with it’s long straights is ideal for the GT3s to stretch their legs over the SR3s, it proved to be more of a challenge than expected for the AM drivers. Only three of them were able to finish ahead of the SR3-equipped PROs and by the checkered flag, only four cars total, including PRO class winner Eduardo Beninca, were on the lead lap. For both Beninca and Ibbotson, the AM winner, pit cycles proved to be key to their race wins and will certainly be areas that the other drivers examine before the next endurance race.

This coming week, the two big WSC 1991 races are on Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon (N American timezones) while NARS continues with the Radical series and a return to the sprint format at Barber Motorsports Park.

CMS is a community of racers at all levels of skill with a wide variety of tastes in motorcar racing where you are guaranteed to find strong fields and fair racing across all the most popular racing sims on the market.

Don’t forget, you can catch the race streams on the CMS Youtube channel and visit the website and Discord.


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CMS rFactor 2 League Weekly Update Sim Racing Report

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