eTeamBRIT Race Schedule & Upcoming Events


Our great eSports racing team partner eTeamBRIT drops by with their upcoming races ahead for the week. Be sure to support!

eTeamBRIT keeps us posted here at the simrace247 community with their races that are coming up, featuring links to the streams and more, be sure to check them out and support.

A new week, means a new eTeamBRIT race schedule.

Sim racing Summit / Community event
On Saturday 14-05-2022, VCO and Simply Race organized a race. The race is in the Simply Race venue, at Milton Keynes. For the first time they are organizing it with VCO, and the event will be on the iRacing platform. A few drivers from eTeamBRIT will be there, to race. It will be great to see the UK&I race community together, to race, have a nice talk with everyone etc.

Martin Buchan
Cass Corby
Michael Tyler
Arden Bassil

Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer
On Sunday 15-05-2022, it’s time for round 6 of the Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer. 3 races at Circuit de Sainte-Croix B 2. It’s a difficult track, and for some drivers a new track. “Yvonne said; It will be 3 tough races, not much time to practice, because of travelling, and I will be driving from the hotel at Silverstone. The handy thing with a Playstation, is that I can take it easily with me, and I can drive everywhere, where there is a tv and wifi. Controller driving is difficult, but a great option as long it’s possible to drive everywhere.

Teams and drivers:
Yvonne Houffelaar
Martin Buchan
eTeamBRIT academy:
Cass Corby
Arden Bassil
Dom Lane

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