Thursday Night Fun Races In Assetto Corsa with SSGC

Thursday Night Fun Races In Assetto Corsa with SSGC

Come and check out the Thursday night fun races in Assetto Corsa with SSGC. Simply turn up, and get racing!

Ever wondered what you could do on a Thursday night in the sim racing community? well, Sir Spats Gaming Community has some fun races in Assetto Corsa that you could attend. We are not talking about serious stuff, we are talking about fun races, casual stuff that is enjoyable.


  • Modern cars
  • Older cars
  • Strange cars (you better believe it)

Race Details

  • Thursdays
  • Free practice is open from Sundays until the qualifying session on Thursday
  • Qualifying: 15 mins starting at 18:00 UTC
  • Race: 30 mins
  • Track and car combo shall be announced in the SSGC discord
  • Cars will use the fixed setup in one make races & open setup in mixed car races
  • Max grid size of 24
  • Race points are not awarded as this is casual fun


As this is a fun racing event, we kindly ask that if you push someone off the track, you must give the position back and yield the position in a responsible manner.

Join the Sir Spats Gaming Community discord for more details

John Pinder aka Sir Spats: Sir Spats Gaming Joins