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James Parfitt Broadcasting In The Sim Racing Genre

James Parfitt Broadcasting In The Sim Racing Genre

We welcome James Parfitt Broadcasting here at simrace247, like we always do, we have a keen eye for people in the sim racing community that deserve great exposure.

James Parfitt is a commentator, producer and founder of his broadcasting channel in the sim racing genre. He is currently commentating for some iRacing leagues but is also available to be contacted for more broadcasting and commentating, check him out.

Welcome, So, who am I? Well, that would be what I would ask If I found a blog from a stranger, well my names James Parfitt Commentator, producer and owner of James Parfitt broadcasting or JPB for short.

Been in the iRacing community since January 2021 and been commentating for nearly a year. Intro done, so what have I been up to, well my week starts as always on a Tuesday evening with the UKSimracers MX5 league From Philip Island.

4 Races of 15 mins reverse grid in all the races, and this week we had some amazingly close racing with 3 different winners and trust me when I say you will not see closer racing. It was a battle and a half and Pete Van Gool taking 2 of the 4 victories with one that was a straight sprint to the line, and finishing 0.019 seconds a head of Pete Newman. It was well amazing, here is the link to the race all I can say is enjoy. Next week its Brands Hatch.

So, we move onto PCUP and Thursday nights with the UKSimracing, yes I know very similar to the UKSimracers but different discords and leagues and owners, well anyway enough digressing, the league is 2 races, the first a 15-minute sprint race with the grid decided by the 12-minute qualifying session, and then a 30-minute feature with the top 8 inverted and this week we were at the RedBull Ring. Not everyone’s favourite track, why would it be 7 corners and a few straights and that’s it, but the racing this Thursday was well above the expected it was Austin William Campbell (or AWC for short) winning race one by 0.792 seconds from Christian Szaruta, so race 1 done and top 8 inverted and this 30 min feature was well, nothing short of sensational, eventually Austin Greatorex taking the win but with less than a second between him, Mikey Pollard and Christian Szaruta in third as they crossed the line, it went down to the wire but hey a link is needed to this epic nights of racing so here you can view it here enjoy this because I certainly did. Next race is the 19th May at Hockenheimring.

Next was a new league I am broadcasting and that is the Formula Baltic Radical Sprint championship, made up of 10 minute qualy and a 30-minute sprint race, what more can you ask for. Well, this week everyone on the grid was trying to stop John Mchutchison, the Scotsman was dominate in their endurance league they run as well, but you will read about that one next week. Well, it was Circuit Zolder this week and well it was Mchutchison, taking the victory by 6 seconds from Denis Kiriakopoulos, this race had it all epic overtakes, flying cars and some awesome wheel to wheel battling. It was amazing but don’t take my word for it watch it back here and ill let you decide, next Friday though Watkins glen with the boot and the chicane, can’t wait for that one.

Well, this brings me tonight as I write this on a Sunday night evening after commentating on the Uksimracing GT3 League from Oulton Park, 2 * 22minute races with top 15 inverted for race 2, James Armstrong dominating race 1 as in an action-packed race. But its race two that caused some controversy, why? the 12x limit caught a lot of drivers out especially those who battling through the field mainly our race 1 winner James Armstrong who was involved in a turn 1 incident on the 1st lap and he was an innocent bystander as Geoff Griffiths came hurtling sideways t-boning him into the gravel after being touched by Yannis Aulbert. And with only 9 cars out of the 23 who started it certainly hit hard to some drivers. But let’s not take that away from our Race 2 winner David Lowerson, took the lead from James Connerley and never looked back and winning by 5 seconds shows he never put a foot wrong all race, and to top it of he did the winners customary dohnut’s on the start finish line, so check that out here That’s it from me for this week, thanks for reading and happy watching and as always take care, have a safe week, and you never know I might see you on the track some time.

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