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Hello one and all. Welcome to blog number seventeen that I’ve produced so far for It’s hard to fathom sometimes that I’m already this far into the journey with SimRace247 and created this many blogs. It feels like I’m only onto my third or fourth. Thanks so much to everyone who’s been kind enough to take the time to read each blog and I hope you’ve been enjoying every single one I’ve created?

This past week has been quite a frantic one with so much activity behind the scenes, preparing for each stream and for a particular event in ACC which I’ll briefly talk about during this week’s blog. So, without any more delay, let me tell you all about my streaming activity over this past week on Twitch.

Monday 2nd May – What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? Series 2 Episode 2 at Magny-Cours

Starting with Monday, we had the second episode in the brand new series of “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here?” with a venue which hasn’t been part of the Formula One World Championship calendar since 2008. And in my mind (personally), should be the true home of the French Grand Prix instead of the universally hated Paul Ricard circuit. Well, if I’m honest, I would love F1 to be contested at Le Mans, but that’s never going to happen. SHOOT!! Anyway, the track in question this time around is Magny-Cours.

For those who are reading my blogs for the first time, I have a series on my channel where I use Assetto Corsa to conduct experiments to see what certain racing series would be like if they were placed into the same race at the same time, around venues which they might/might not compete at. For series 2, we have Formula 1, F2 and F3 all in the same race. All the mods which I use are by Race Sim Studio, which are paid mods (apart from the F3 car which is free), but they are definitely worth your investment because they are amongst the best mods you can own for Assetto Corsa.

In episode 2, I was back in the RSS Formula Hybrid X 2022 EVO (Formula One) machine to redeem myself after the troublesome first episode around Jerez where I was rotating more times than a spinning top. The reason for that is because I set the car up all wrong, particularly with the rear differential everytime I was applying power to the car. Also, I’m not making any racing driver excuses, but I’m not normally used to driving single seater cars in sim racing so I’m still getting the hang of piloting one. Lewis Hamilton, I am not! Ha!

Thankfully, all the work behind the scenes paid off because not once did I spin during the 35 lap experiment around the Magny-Cours circuit. Well, I did with 3 laps to go but that was because the rear end of the car suddenly snapped and threw me into the gravel trap. The reason why that happened was because the rear tires were worn, and the fast right-left section of turns 7 & 8 required a fast change of direction. And on old tires, yeah! It was certainly very adventurous and caught me by surprise.

The only other incidents where I lost time was with the A.I being a pain in the backside which was very amusing. If you love carnage, then you’ll really like watching the funny moments during this fun experiment.

The circuit itself was great. Before this experiment, I haven’t driven around Magny-Cours in any racing game since F1 2006 on the good old Playstation 2. So, it was very exciting and enjoyable to be driving around there again after such a long time. It’s an underrated track and should be returned to the F1 calendar instead of Paul Ricard. If you want to rewatch this episode, here’s a link of the stream:


Wednesday 4th May – Rapid Drivers Club 2point4 World Tour – Round 2 at Kyalami

The fun was briefly over as it was time to wear my serious face to tackle the second round of the Rapid Drivers Club 2point4 World Tour series around the circuit of Kyalami.

Apart from the race during season 3 of More Female Racers which I competed with my teammate Deb (Andie The Lab), Kyalami isn’t normally a circuit I get along with, especially in the GT3 machines. I’ve never been able to get a good rhythm around there, so I knew it would be a case of damage limitation and try to produce the best result possible. I was hoping for another P3 but I didn’t know what to expect.

Also, the circuit tends to be front heavy and wears out the front tires at quite a rate. So, behind the scenes and for the race, I was trailing out an experimental setup on the car which I hoped would even out that tire wear front and rear. During practise, it seemed encouraging and was hopeful it would work out well in the upcoming race.

In qualifying, I was aiming for a high 1 minute 40 second lap which would be good for me. But I was just shy of that target by just over a tenth of a second with a 1:41.110. I was still happy with that result and placed the car fourth on the grid and just over half a second away from pole position.

In the early stages of the race, my pace was very encouraging and I was staying within a few seconds of the front pack. But, as the event wore on, the gap only grew larger and larger. Apart from a couple of moments, there isn’t really much to talk about because it was a very quiet and lonely race on my end. It didn’t help either that my race strategy was a little off. I wasn’t sure if I could survive the entire race with 1 pitstop, so I ended up doing a second splash “n” dash pitstop to be on the safe side.

In the end, I was still able to finish P3 which was a great result, but a long, long, long way behind the top two. So, a little more homework is required with regarding to my race strategy and the car setup as well.

If you good folks do want to rewatch this race back, here’s a link of my stream (which I uploaded to Youtube) as well as the excellent official broadcast by NXT GEN to see the beautiful AMR DANI3L Sim Racing Aston Martin livery in all its glory!



Thursday 5th May – AMR DANI3L Community Rally Series – Event 5 at Greece

Thursday’s stream was broadcasted earlier than my usual time because I had several tasks to do that day as well as another live stream that I wanted to view and didn’t want to miss out on.

But, I didn’t want to alter the day of which to go live as part of the “Rally Thursday” theme to which I intend to stick with on my Twitch channel. So, I went ahead and proceeded with the latest instalment of my community series in DiRT Rally 2.0. Before I discuss about that, I want to share with you the results of our previous rally around Germany in the Group B monsters. And WOW! What an event it was. The top 3 in the rally finished within 23 seconds of each other which is the closest finish we’ve ever had. After 12 stages, that’s absolutely amazing. So, in first place we had Aldyr and second was PeeEss. It was a Lancia Delta S4 top two in the event so well-done guys. I came home 3rd in the Peugeot 205 T16 (which I really loved driving) and just over 2 seconds behind second. What could have been from my end, but I still loved the rally which was the important thing.

For our fifth rally, we headed to the rough and dusty stages of Greece in the slowest vehicles we have available for DiRT Rally 2.0 which is Historic H1. So, we have vehicles like the Mini Cooper S, the Lancia Fulvia HF and the cruise ship that is the Citroen DS 21.

Because we’re still in the early stages of this event going live, I’ve been the only driver who’s set a benchmark for all 12 stages of the rally. Apart from stage 4 where I hit a bump which launched my Mini Cooper in the air, collided with a metal barrier which caused damage and suffered a puncture which cost well over a minute, the rest of the rally was ok with a few small mistakes in there. Because of the time lost, I don’t expect to be fighting for victory once again. But I still had enormous fun driving the tiny Mini Cooper around the dusty stages of Greece.

If you would like to rewatch my attempt at our community rally, here’s a link for the live stream. And if you’d be interested in participating, you can find a link for my rally club at the end of this blog.


Sunday 8th May – Racing Club International 2 Hours of Misano Endurance Event.

Finally on Sunday, I decided to participate in a 2 hour endurance race around the circuit of Misano, hosted by RCI (Racing Club International). It’s very rare that I do streaming of a weekend, but I thought seeing as I didn’t have much to do that day, I would go live with a racing event.

For the first time in a long while, since season 4 of More Female Racers in November 2021 where I drove a Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, I made the decision to ditch the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3 for one event. That was very difficult to get over the trauma of leaving the Aston to one side. Ha Ha! Instead, I went for the brand new Audi R8 LMS EVO 2.

This was the first ever time that I drove the Audi in a competitive race so I was intrigued to find out what it would be like for 2 hours. As it turned out, practising proved to be troublesome. It was very difficult to find a sweet spot with the car. One major issue I was enduring was the rear tires wearing out quickly very early into a race stint. In testing, the most amount of laps I completed at a time for a practise race stint was 11 laps. So, I was verging into the unknown when race day finally arrived and wasn’t feeling very confident despite treating the event as a testing exercise.

In qualifying, I managed to place the car on pole position by just under half a second with a time of 1:33.467 which was really good for me. It was a relief at least that qualifying went accordingly.

Just for the 2-hour race began, I made a last minute decision to alter the rear toe and camber angles to try and help with some of the oversteer issues I was enduring in testing. I kept my fingers crossed that this would work out.

At the start, I was slow off the line and lost out to the 987 Lamborghini of John Beton, but I was right on the gearbox all throughout the opening lap. An opportunity would arrive, but I had to judge the overtake perfectly. It almost worked out in the braking zone for turns 9 and 10. There was small contact between our cars on the exit of 10 which unsettled the rear of my Audi, which meant that Beton rocketed past again down the long back straight. Critically, he made a small mistake braking for turns 13 and 14, ran wide off the circuit which was my opportunity to strike and take the lead. It almost ended in another collision as the Lambo was sideways off the track, but it all worked out and I managed to grab the lead back.

It stayed that way throughout the entire duration of the race. The only issue I had was the front tires were wearing out very rapidly. The reason why it was doing that was because I set the camber for the front wheels all wrong. It was causing the inner edge to burn and the tires to overheat. Thankfully though, the problems with oversteer was more or less rectified which was a relief.

So after 2 hours of competition, I managed to win first time out in the Audi R8 LMS EVO 2 by 48.8 seconds from the 987 Lamborghini Huracan GT3. This race was certainly a challenge and if I was to drive the Audi again, I know more or less what I need to do with the car setup to improve on it. But, it was a nice feeling to be back on the top step of the podium again after a while.

What’s happening this week on the Twitch channel?

Let’s talk you through all of the content that I have lined up for this week as I go live once more on my Twitch channel. Monday will see the third episode of my “What If Multi-Multiclass Racing Competed Here? series. For experiment number 3 in the series, I’m heading to the first of our street tracks with a venue which I’ve never driven before but have heard about from the world of Indycar. The location of choice this time around is the city of Toronto in Canada. How will the circuit play out for the F1, F2 & F3 machines and could it be a good candidate to host a Canadian Grand Prix instead of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve? We’ll soon find out in this upcoming episode.

On Wednesday, we have the opening round of the Rapid Drivers Club Sprintathon series. This will be a very unique championship because we’ll be switching cars after each meeting. So, for the 4 rounds, we’ll be piloting the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo, the Ferrari 488 Challenge, the Porsche 992 Cup Car and the BMW M2 CS TCX. So, this will be very intriguing to drive every single one of these machines. For the first 2 races at the Nurbrugring, everyone is driving the Lambo. Can we get this championship off to a flying start or will I struggle to take off the ground? You can find out in Wednesday’s upcoming stream and event.

One rally title I haven’t played for a while on the channel is WRC 10. It’s long overdue to return to the single player career mode which I started and completed 4 episodes of already when I used to stream on Youtube. So, on Thursday, the series will make a return for episode number 5. I still have 2 stages to go in Rally Greece and was leading the event in the WRC 3 category. So, we’ll see whether I can take home another victory and tackle the next rally afterwards in our pursuit of getting into the top category.

For the previous episodes of my WRC 10 career mode, please be sure to check out the Youtube playlist below.


Finally, on Friday, I’ll be hosting another fun night in Forza Horizon 5. I’m not sure if there will be any interest if anyone wants to join me in a convoy. If not, that’s ok. I can always go solo like I did last week. It’ll still be another fun evening chilling and spending time with the wonderful folks who watch and talk/write to me during the streams.

If you want to, please be sure to follow me on Twitch for my live streams as well as subscribe to my Youtube channel for future video projects. You can also join our DiRT Rally 2.0 club for fun, monthly rally events and see how you fair against other members of the community.

That’s about wraps things up for this week’s blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Take care, stay safe & happy sim racing!!