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VCO Infinity and the best eSports teams in the world battled it out as Team Redline took victory in 24 races over 24 hours.

Team Redline continues with its dominance in sim racing, taking victory in the new VCO Infinity which had seen the best esports teams from around the world compete against eachother in 24 individual races over 24 hours.

Munich – As billed, it was the craziest 24-hour event in Esports racing – and had everything it promised to have. VCO INFINITY provided spectacular racing, with 24 individual races in 24 hours, and posed a totally new challenge to the best Esports racing teams in the world. In the end, Team Redline came out on top and took overall victory, thanks to its incredible consistency – the key to success in this format. It all came down to the very last race, which saw Redline secure first place and URANO eSports end the event as runners-up. As reward for its success in the competition, which featured 40 teams from all over the world on the iRacing simulation platform, Team Redline received a cheque for 5,000 US dollars. Virtual Racing School (VRS) was also on board as Official Partner of Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO).

 “We have literally experienced an endless number of 24-hour races. They have a very special appeal in motorsport and, of course, in Esports racing. However, with VCO INFINITY we have, to a certain degree, multiplied the best moments from these races,” said Florian Haasper, CEO of Virtual Competition Organisation. “24 starts, 24 hard-fought races, and 24 thrilling finishes. The result was pure action, with the best teams and drivers in the world. Congratulations to Team Redline. They seem to have a monopoly on big VCO titles. However, the opposition – particularly URANO eSports, R8G eSports and VRS COANDA – did not make it easy for the Redline team. Thank you to everyone who helped make this innovative event possible. We certainly have not seen the last of VCO INFINITY.”

 The event began at 19:00 (CEST) on Saturday 7th May. A total of 24 races were scheduled, each lasting 45 minutes. Five totally different cars were used alternately: the Dallara IR18 IndyCar, the Dallara F3, the McLaren MP4-12C GT3, the Hyundai Elantra N TC, and the Dallara P217 LMP2. The races took place on five tracks. This allowed 24 unique combinations of car and circuit, with the 40 teams each battling it out for points and victories with one driver per race.

 The key to success at the end of the 24 races was consistency. This was shown by Team Redline with its drivers Maximilian Benecke, Patrik Holzmann, Josh Thompson, Luke Bennett and Enzo Bonito. The quintet did not claim the most victories or podium finishes, but hardly recorded any DNFs, which saw teams drop large numbers of points compared to their rivals, after all, 40 points were up for grabs for a win. Team Redline claimed five victories, while VRS COANDA finished on the top step of the podium eight times, however the team also made too many mistakes and ultimately had to settle for fourth place overall. Second and third place went to URANO eSports and R8G eSports. After a thrilling final race, Redline took overall victory with 831 points, just three more than URANO eSports.

 Quotes from the winners: Patrik Holzmann (Team Redline): “What a fantastic event! What a challenge – both mentally and physically! I am always impressed and proud of how our team repeatedly performs at the highest level. I am pleased to have done my bit towards this success. In the final race, I was under a lot of pressure in a car that is unfamiliar to me, but I managed to withstand that pressure. Respect to URANO eSports and R8G eSports. They put up a great fight and put us under pressure for 24 long hours. The format of VCO INFINITY is fantastic. In a regular 24-hour race, you are prepared and just warm up briefly before your stints. Here, you come out of one race and jump straight into the next practice session to prepare for the next combination of car and circuit. That is really stressful without a real break. That makes it all the more satisfying to stand here as winners in the end.” Josh Thompson (Team Redline): “That was one of the craziest, toughest and enjoyable events I have ever taken part in. I have experienced a lot of racing series and other events, but that was on a different level.”

VCO INFINITY statistics:
Team Redline5
URANO eSports3
R8G eSports2
Apex Racing Team2
WAS COOKIN Racing Adventures1
SRC Mivano Corse1
Obsidian Racing1
Joshua K. Rogers5
Valentin Mandernach2
Patrik Holzmann2
Luke A. Bennett2
Tommy Østgaard2
Yoep de Ligt1
Phil Denes1
Pablo Espes1
Niclas Laubisch1
Mitchell DeJong1
Maximilian Benecke1
Jack Sedgwick1
Gael Valero1
Brandon Hawkin1
Ben Fuller1
Alexey Nesov1
Team Redline11
URANO eSports10
R8G eSports9
Apex Racing Team5
SRC Mivano Corse4
Veloce Esports3
Obsidian Racing3
Aurys Racing Team2
T3 Motorsport2
Altus Esports1
TRITON Racing1
Arnage Competition1
Zennith Esports1
WAS COOKIN Racing Adventures1
Josh K. Rogers5
Mitchell DeJong4
Niclas Laubisch4
Valentin Mandernach4
Tommy Østgaard4
Dominik Hofmann3
Maximilian Benecke3
Patrik Holzmann3
Mack Bakkum3
Luke A. Bennett3
Alexey Nesov3
Brandon Hawkin3
Gustavo Ariel3
Maxime Brient3
Yoep de Ligt2
José I. Soria2
Pablo Espes2
Yannick Lapchin1
Sacha Gorlé1
Piotr Jagodzinski1
Pedro Sanchez Albert1
Paschalis Gkergkis1
Luca Wünsch1
Kira Wolf1
Gordon Mutch1
Gael Valero1
Florian Lebigre1
Enzo Bonito1
David Toth1
Daniel Alves Lourenco1
Ben Fuller1
Phil Denes1
Jack Sedgwick1
Vasilios Beletsiotis1
Josh Thompson1

VCO INFINITY team list: Absolute Motorsport Acelith Simracing, Altus Esports, Apex Racing Team, Arnage Competition, BMS, Brabham Esports, BS+COMPETITION, Burst Esport, Buttler-Pal Motorsport, DCW Racing, eTeam BRIT, Legion of Racers, Moradness eStars, NetRex Grand Prix, Obsidian Racing, Pulsus eSports, Puresims Esports, R8G Esports, Race Clutch, RN Vision STS Simracing Team, Rocket Simsport, RPC eSports, SIMMSA Esports, SimRacing Unlimited, SRC Mivano Corse, T3 Motorsport, Team Fordzilla, Team Redline, TR powered by Geekz Energy, TREQ eSports, TRITON Racing, URANO eSports, Veloce Esports, VRS Coanda Simsport, WAS COOKIN Racing Adventures, Wolf Team Racing, WOR eSports, YAS Heat, YouRaceBR E-Sports, Zennith Esports

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